Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich” #1 Definiteness of Purpose

Website: www.PrimeauProductions.com This is rare footage from the early 1960’s on “Think and Grow Rich”. These segments will be uploaded as they become available one section at a time. The Secret is based on Napoleon’s principles. This is “The Secret behind the Secret.”


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  1. DarrenGlascock says:

    If you listen? to the prayer at the end you will see that wisdom is more important than riches. In fact wisdom is riches!

  2. IsHiNe98 says:

    Whch? song was that?

  3. IsHiNe98 says:

    Realistic is whatever I FEEL is realistic which is anything in the world =) have fun with your lifes? “limitations” because mine is limitless =)

  4. jc williams says:

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  5. aluisious says:

    Why do you people all want to be rich? Do you even know what you would do after you became rich? You’re chasing a carrot? on a string, and through the most pathetic means around with your “systems.”

    Do you really think you’re going to be sitting around in your old age, thinking “man that system was great, I became rich and then I was happy?” USE YOUR BRAINS, QUESTION YOURSELVES.

  6. Praneeth Guruge says:

    Hihi, have you? considered this program called the Intellitus Cash System? (look it up on google). My coworker says it makes people oodles of cash.

  7. sarava d says:

    this book change my? life rich

  8. AeRIEL954 says:

    urban school teacher- and? you only show black students fuck that shit

  9. pureddlj says:

    beautiful and awesome book?

  10. yahoopig says:

    what a load of? shit

  11. Amie Sharratt says:

    I have just finished reading this book and I loved it, I found it extremely useful. To reinforce what? I have read I will be watching these daily to ensure good habits are put into practice

  12. BucksProperties says:

    Being straightforward and truthful is always? good business!

  13. MrBusinessfunding says:

    Thumbs up and fav

    Funding projects min 1 million.? Asset funding, buy outs, expansion and cash flow

  14. Doug Dunlap says:

    @2:58 I became so? enthuuuuuzed over it

  15. ivobudinov says:

    Absolutely? My Friend God Bless America and all Place Else…And Let’s Everyone Be Great 🙂 And Happy

  16. SocialExecutive385 says:

    I’m working to create a “Mastermind Group” of people who want to improve their lives significantly. I recently came across a? great opportunity and want to share it with anyone who is willing to take the time to fully understand it. If you are interested email me at: social.executive93@gmail.com

  17. Thelonious Mac says:

    It is BS if you look at it through your superstitious mind. I am an? atheist, nonetheless it is clear to me that we each have certain “gifts” that we can choose to exploit or not. It is common sense and rational thinking to see that directing your mind toward doing what is necessary to achieve your goals will do far more than allowing it to wallow in problems.

  18. Thelonious Mac says:

    You know it now.?

  19. Anthony McMahon says:

    I only wish I knew this when i was younger,It is ironic that our education system don’t ever mention anything about our mind.young people are being treated like ginnie pigs forced to learn on their own by trial and error.napoleon hill explains the basic prinsibles of our thinking? negetive or positive,the rest is up to each and everyone to make their own choices.this is the best piece of information in education history.

  20. brad cummings says:

    who do i direct the prayer to allah lucifer or some spirits,these are some good points but they stem from an esoteric base point which has a bland outlook on spirituality and because of this i consider it partially dangerous the main points are good though but they are nothing new and to a bible reading christian/business person their basic and obvious “as? a man thinketh so he is” what else is their to it set realistic goals and acheive them in moral intelligent ways,the rest is new age BS sry!

  21. typeOhh says:

    Oh? realy?!

  22. xiaochicash says:

    So what? did you accomplish?

  23. Manuel Munoz says:

    Whatever the mind can Conceive, and? Believe, the mind can Achieve.

  24. ummYeaShure says:

    Shay brought me? here 🙂

  25. warglow says:

    Everyone else thought about Napoleon Dynamite when reading title? of video?

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