MW2 10th Challenge Lobby — PS3 + XBOX

10th FREE Prestige Challenge Lobby XBOX/PS3 (DAILY) To Get Invited Follow these steps: 1. Rate this video thumbs up. 2. Download file: tinyurl.com 3. Copy my address from notebook and send me a message titled: INVITE MW2 In the body type: I want invite, and I have a PS3 or XBOX360, my gamer tag: “your tag” 4. Do not send me 10 messages, do not spam, make sure that the contents of an e-mail typed the correct data. Mods Include 1.Tenth prestige 2.All challenges, titles, Emblems(including the spinning tenth fully unlocked), all weapons and attachments. 3.Leaberboards-Set your own stats with the in game menu 4.Colored Class names 5.Chrome guns Infections Include(All of these work while your in the lobby or in private match) 1.Real Time UAV(not working until further notice) 2.AIM Bot(not working until further notice) 3.Nukes in care package(not working until further notice) 4.Increased Melee Distance(must have host) 5.Cartoon mode 6.God mode(not working until further notice) 7.Wall hack(not working until further notice) 8.All weapons automatic 9.Force host(not working until further notice) 10.Steady Aim 11.Gravity 12.Predator martyrdom 13.Knock back 14.Stopping Power 15.Floating objects and more (infections are subject to change every lobby because we’re always adding new cool stuff) Extra features while in the lobby: 1.Super Jump 2.Night Vision 3.VIP 4.Teleport 5.Walking AC-130 6.UFO Mode 6.Laser Sight — Extra Tags — This is a Youtube Video that is all about Make Money
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  1. Thomas Micciche says:

    XBOX 360 gamertag: ZOlNXx

    thats? an L

  2. harvey brouder says:

    GT: DZ PReDSz . Please please? invite cheers

  3. Brendan Tilberoo says:

    Yo can I have a free CHALLGE lobby I put a like up I SUMB AND SEND ME A? invtite me ADD ME ON FRIDAY MY NAME IS I CALL NUKE MW2

  4. REATIONSCAR says:

    xbox 360? GT:tyreekcool108

  5. loganviper5546 says:


  6. drake burgin says:


  7. kevin schuster says:

    gt- XxQUIKSCOPER1Xx send request?

  8. Nixe Tactic says:

    gt-? Hypr Shotz

  9. jonte0562 says:

    Plzz give me challeng or xp lobby Gamertag xXnn5tteXx?

  10. ImWreck says:

    I can host these, Sub to me? and i will get you in

  11. Dj9211092110 says:

    EvO Swager for? Xbox

  12. FlareAuzziSnipz says:

    liked and subed? invite please GT:FlareAuzziSnipz

  13. totalytictac21 says:

    GT: Thekkidxdurty? and i have an xbox

  14. slettenmarcus says:

    Xbox 360 gt Dr Majones? plz inv

  15. slettenmarcus says:

    Inv me gt Dr Majones plz?

  16. MrDACOOLDUDE1 says:

    xbox – ii_D3FUZ3_V Inv me, i followed steps?

  17. kalman855 says:

    xbox ADDME GT: JEw ilLuSiOnZz

  18. ReachYourPotential says:


    Absolutely fantastic video

    Really enjoyed watching the? excellent content

    Will be back again soon for more


  19. ethan suian says:

    Xbox gt Shopping flow? inv me mw2

  20. Goofy Glumberg says:

    Gt Wolferassassin?

  21. jlynch0120 says:

    Gt Wh1speringEyez?

  22. DarleneHall47189a says:

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  23. CODundBF says:

    X-Box? SNiiPzZz iiDzZz
    Thanks Broo 🙂

  24. iplaygames559 says:

    GT:HMD? 559

  25. VerifyMidnite says:

    Xbox? GT:VerifyMidnite

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