Marketing Speaker: Business Card Kung Fu by David Newman

Marketing speaker David Newman shares tips, techniques, and examples of powerful marketing through the effective design and use of business cards. What does YOUR business card say about you, your company, and your offerings? Marketing Speaker David Newman thinks it’s more than you may realize. Watch this quick clip and improve the marketing effectiveness of your business card TODAY!


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  1. GoodBadnUglyAds says:

    I like this David and I agree with most of it. Challenge is most people are now using the business card scanners, many of which will not allow you to use both sides of a? card and still keep in in a business card file. These days, better make sure your key information is on the front of the card. Need to make sure that includes your Unique Purchase Appeal.

  2. unconsulting says:


    Thanks! And folks, don’t let Jim Ziegler fool you for a second – HE is the sales? and marketing Go-to Guy!!
    Rock on, my friend.

  3. unconsulting says:

    Jeff — Good man!

    I’d love to see a copy of your new card when you have one ready to go!!? (Or send me a PDF proof before you print if you’d like some quick feedback/ideas!!)

  4. jamesaziegler says:

    A star is born…reborn…or at? least re-validated. David is one of my personal heroes and this is a great testimony to his common sense approach to great sales and marketing. JIM

  5. JSJustice says:

    David, great stuff. I’m? changing my cards today! Jeff Justice

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