Make Capture Pages w/ Blogger & GetResponse – Terry Carter

favicon5.BlogSpot.com This tutorial shows you how to create unlimited, simple, slick capture pages using a blogger blog and your getresponse autoresponder. This is just a taste of the kind of Training My teammates and I can offer you. Here’s the code to make the navigation bar hidden #navbar-iframe { height: 0px; visibility: hidden; display: none;} Check my teammates videos out on how to do this with Aweber – which I prefer anyway – you don’t have to make a new web form everytime with aweber.


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  1. 69Blackfoot69 says:

    is there any way to do today what you talk about in this video? google has changed blogger so much, most of what you mention in this video doesn’t even exist in blogger anymore!?

  2. Megan Rodgers says:

    Awesome! One question, can you make a sign up/opt-in page for mobile? Anyone??

  3. Aaron Esteban says:


  4. primeholdingsmgt says:

    I love this video as well– simple, easy, effective… really uses the K.I.S.S. method. Thank you so much for this…I’m? definitely sharing this with my network!


  5. Paul Corcoran says:

    I LOVE this video. I HATE WordPress and LOVE Blogger. I’ve GOT to post this around because i know a lot? of people who will find this info so useful. Tough to find. You can use Chimpmail with this too, and it’s another free tool.

  6. innercirclemasters says:

    you’re welcome! as my team members from a few years ago would say, that’s just how we roll… we? come from a place of abundance and giving – not lack and limitation. What good is the information we learn if we don’t utilize it and in this case, share it with others who need it too?

  7. EscapeTheCommute says:

    Fabulous. Thank you SO? much for providing info that’s nigh on impossible to find elsewhere…

  8. innercirclemasters says:

    super! glad? I could help out!

  9. shakaama says:

    THANK YOU.? jesus, I been lookin for this forever. I kept asking on digital point and noone knew how.

  10. Andrew Wang says:

    Not ? Clear. You post clearly again.

  11. Breece18 says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much for this info…keep the videos comin?

  12. musiciseverythin1000 says:

    thank you!?

  13. gamedivir123 says:

    from where can you get a nice headerr?

  14. Patrick Judge says:

    Hi Terry, yes cool so signed up for your newsletter. I can ste? up webpages easy enoguh and html from getresponse etc so neat tip you gave here can help others Patrick in ireland

  15. innercirclemasters says:

    thank you!?

  16. Patrick Judge says:

    Excellent !!!?

  17. innercirclemasters says:

    glad it helps! Did you mean the header code? I used a weblink to? an existing header on one of my other sites for that – you could also just upload a jpg image from your computer and blogger would host the image.
    i used the center tags on either side of the youtube html code

  18. 12money123tv says:

    that really is very informative for us newbies . just next time when you are editing html cose can you make the text bigger so that we can? actually see what you are doing

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