Major Booper PLUS Online Marketing Leadership for Successful ways to make money online

WARNING: This video has a MAJOR BLOOPER – my apologies in advance! In this video: **Discover great Leadership Tips for your Online Business so you can Make Money Online for years and years to come **What can you learn about leadership from the NFL? **Where to go to get the answers! www.YourResearchDiva.com References in this video **Tony Laidig-the Public Domain Expert www.YourResearchDiva.com **Bob the Teacher – Bob Jenkins www.YourResearchDiva.com **Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out Of the Box www.YourResearchDiva.com Hi-This is Dawn Damico from your Research Diva dot com I wanted to take a few minutes today to talk about Leadership and your Online Marketing Business. The most successful marketers online are the ones that follows the trails and follow the success of business owners that have succeeded off line, in brick and mortar businesses. The ideas are the same, the concepts are the same, it’s just the venue has changed to take you business online to make money on the internet. What made me think about this is that I attended a training event this weekend, Simple4 presented by Bob the Teacher-Bob Jenkins. He puts on phenomenal trainings if you ever have the chance to attend. One of the presenters, Tony Laidig, also known as the Public Domain Expert talked about story telling and how important it is in growing your online business. He mentioned, and this is so relevant for online businesses to make money, there are those out there that are basically scammers


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