Live FOREX trading session with analysis, tips and tricks 2012-06-04 18:00GMT

Live FOREX trading session with analysis, tips and tricks 2012-06-04 18:00GMT * If you are a trader from the USA, you can not hedge on same instrument (NFA rules). First session of the week – looking for trends and possible set-ups You can download the platform free traders-hideout.com Enter Promocode “youtube” to get a bonus and free training There is a full playlist of all the recoded lessons from learn to trade 101 and up.. http For all the platform HOW-TO related videos use this link: www.youtube.com


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  1. TradersHideout says:

    Have a? look at the playlists on the channel (right side under the information)
    See video description here for links

    I teach how to trade on Sundays (usually 5pm EST).

  2. EnjoiiLifee says:

    hey, I’m an 18 year old from Canada. Ive been studying forex trading for about a week now and my interest level on the profession is through the roof! i’d really appreciate it if you had basics of basics of forex trading in general like what all the words mean and what the different options are with the software you use like the High, Low, Volume(scale), TPSL and basically all the terms. I? want to know EVERYTHING and how it all works. Thanks!

  3. TradersHideout says:

    MON-FRI 10PM GMT / 5PM EST? and lessons are same time on Sundays. Its good to be inside the Platform for the lessons as its very interactive.

  4. TradersHideout says:

    yes.. Resuming on? Aug/15th

  5. InFam0us40 says:

    Need? more of this

  6. floridagator1722 says:

    Maybe it’s me being my over-critical self! Haha I understand where you’re coming from now, being “absolutely passionate about trading as a whole.” I just began diving? into Forex a few days ago and have learned an incredible amount, so I’d say I’m well on my way to putting the information to good use 😉 Thanks!

  7. TradersHideout says:

    Hey Sean.
    Hope you are putting the? information to good use.
    I am absolutely passionate about trading as a whole, but I’m not emotional (upset or pissed-off at losing trades), There is a big difference, since emotional trading would mean I would be getting upset on trades etc.. which I don’t recall seeing. If you do see it, please let me know.. I would need to slap myself! 🙂

  8. floridagator1722 says:

    I really enjoyed the video and thank you for putting this on youtube. The only part that actually worried me was at 51:48 you? said you weren’t emotionally attached to this…it was apparent that you were. I’d be interested to know whether or not you won this trade.

  9. TradersHideout says:

    Every Sunday 13:00PM EDT / 18:00GMT
    Best to add +MIke Metheral on Google+ and join the Lesson Hangout, that way you can ask questions during the? training sessions.
    You can ask him to add you to lessons and sessions notifications as well.

  10. techwealth says:

    when is the next? webinar

  11. TradersHideout says:

    yes, add +Mike Metheral on G+ and ask for the free lesson? invites

  12. TradersHideout says:

    @ Frank Burstein – It will? be implemented into the upcoming R2, Great idea.

  13. TradersHideout says:

    You are? very welcome. add me on Google+

  14. Frank Burstein says:

    good stuff thanks Mike?

  15. hondaissace says:

    you guys? do hangouts for beginners?

  16. Frank Burstein says:

    it seems like you have alot of good info in the buy/sell box…why not add? the realtime spread?

  17. hondaissace says:

    what is that software man??

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