Learn Business English Free Study Lesson 24 – (marketing department, advertising, budget)

This lesson describes four words: marketing department, advertising, budget and outsourcing. I make free English as a second language (ESL) videos specializing in Business English. As well, I make lessons for basic introductory and intermediate English. I am a free English teacher and this is my school. Lessons are posted daily so subscribe. You will be able to speak fluent English and talk with your friends if you study hard every day!


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  1. Khitzer says:

    Teacher? Phil is the best teacher in the world 🙂

  2. nihplod90 says:

    thanks, your leassion is very useful

  3. nihplod90 says:

    thanks, your lession is? very useful

  4. nihplod90 says:

    thanks, your? lession is very useful

  5. nihplod90 says:

    thank you.? Your lession is very useful!:)

  6. theola2001 says:

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  7. flame30370 says:

    thanks,when i am looking for some useful information, and then i find it, very? good, thanks.

  8. pantherlh says:

    I love your leassons so much. Is usefull for muy business leassons? at school

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