Jeffrey Cole – 2020 Shaping Ideas

See more videos at www.ericsson.com Jeffrey Cole is director of the University of Southern California Annenberg School Center for the Digital Future and one of the world’s most established authorities on internet issues. He claims that in the near future, most digital content will be free. Who will pay for it? The advertisers will.
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  1. nimhify says:

    yep internert should not be? banned either

  2. nimhify says:

    when you can download? proteins for your body from a machine connected to the internet that’s the time when internet will be really important now it’s just a will to be but yet vey important for other kind of things. geeks have not all the vision of it yet believe me just saying.

  3. KittyaStevenio540 says:


  4. zaigonen says:

    This guy is pure dirt. Pointing to the positive effects of the internet to back up his claim that advertising will somehow aid that. Advertising isn’t anything more than a rude manipulative sales man that you cant slam the door on.? The reason the internet is making such an impact is because it is once and for all liberating human awareness and potential, by making all information freely available. This abundance of choice has given presidency to quality. The lies can’t compete

  5. KristyGordon says:

    Someone’s been drinking the cool aid. Advertising supported content may be more appealing compared to things that cost money, but nothing beats the convenience and freedom? of file sharing.

  6. m5rj says:


  7. onemobilemedia says:

    Great video, wise? words…really looking forward to the change

  8. Fantageous says:

    That in itself could be an unusual way to promote an established brand.
    Ad’s are just a part of marketing. The brand will be seen in the store. Coke is practically ingrained in our culture so much so that advertising for Coke only reinforces the idea of the brand in the mind of the? consumer. Your idea is catchy. Yeah, why not do a promo’ campaign donating the ad budget to charity. It’s a great idea that would likely receive media attention. That = brand promotion.

  9. ed4wb says:

    “only three ways to acquire content: at 1:26
    1) steal it
    2) fees or subscriptions
    3) or accompanied by advertising”
    What about free, user-generated content such as in my own work on my own blog? I pay for its publication. It’s not ad supported, it’s free, and? therefore, cannot be stolen.
    I think you overstate the importance of ad supported media. (See Clay Shirky.) People are more than willing to share their own creations and pay for its dissemination..

  10. Kesavan VBK says:

    Its a nice idea, not only? coke, all the major brands that doesn’t need a marketing exactly can donate 25% of their advertising money to those who really need will be a great help to millions…

  11. sketchyj says:

    I wonder? what would happen if Coke donated it’s entire advertising budget for a year to charity? Would people forget to stop buying it in the store?

  12. NicholasWiggin says:

    This is a really engaging overview of the digital space. I certainly believe in the vision that most digital content will survive through advertising in the? future. Targetability is key and I think Jeff puts this across well. Well worth 3 mins and 54 seconds to view this I think.

  13. MsJagga007 says:

    very nice? video,

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