JC2 Random’s – why i hate trees..

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  1. imarketingsoftware says:

    Happy to watch your video.? Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Jedimasters101 says:

    awe that’s? lame I also hate trees:)

  3. mokeynam50 says:

    you have no idea how many times that happens to me >:(?

  4. LyonLac says:

    What do you mean? =)?

  5. jennyeva47 says:

    Here is the exact kind of video information I’m in need of, really? appreciate? your help

  6. abhay2746 says:

    google suspended my account i am using eleavers.com now
    and? i am doing great.

  7. kieranlarking667 says:

    lol love it!!!!!!!!!!

  8. leandro5455 says:

    Plants? vs Aircrafts

  9. MysteriousStrangerxX says:

    because? the plane was moving and the tree has no propulsion so it couldn’t move away from the plane so it got stuck to it.

  10. EthanMayerSweet1 says:

    You still didnt citate it:
    Also, look? at jet engine uses on Wikipedia.

  11. DantehMan says:

    Not to mention? planes don’t have reactors. What an idiot that guy is.

  12. blacksoilder10 says:

    Citate that? everyone knows it, its common knowledge, that all aircraft are powered by nuclear fission reactors, that use highly enriched uranium, and if a tree branch enters it,? the plane will explode

  13. EthanMayerSweet1 says:

    Umm…. Would you like to Citate that??

  14. blackopps2000 says:

    the trees are watching? looking for prey to kill

  15. blacksoilder10 says:

    no there not… jets have? nuclear reactors in them. DUHlol

  16. lamborghinikid0712 says:

    thumbs up if you hate? trees too

  17. steinman01210 says:

    I told you coconuts were highly magnetic? :).

  18. adsybro says:


  19. MrTURBOJOHN says:

    No,? on JC2 planes are powered by magic

  20. EthanMayerSweet1 says:

    Reactor?? What reactor? Planes are powered by petroleum.

  21. MrSamJamFan says:

    OMG that happens so? much!!

  22. 1233atm says:

    ?_? ?

  23. randomness1577 says:

    i thought the reason you hated trees were because they are used? to make pages which you have to do homework on .lol

  24. AirlinePilotZJ says:

    “Hey!? Tropio! Get in da caaa!”

  25. JoshTehVideoMaker says:

    i laughed so hard when that happened? to me the first time

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