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1KPERDAY.FaleciaTucker.com Super Stoked! I still can not believe it! I know some of you are rich and were born wealthy, so you wouldn’t know how it feels to be excited about making 00 in one day. Well I am super excited and very grateful! Get this… I joined Empower Network in mid May and already generating over 00 in residual income(not including the 00 I made on Tuesday). I managed to climb the ladder and get on the leaderboard of Empower Network. Out of 30000 people, I made it to #146 and still climbing! I’ve never been so successful with Marketing until I joined Empower Network. With the Basic Blogging Platform, Inner Circle, Costa Rica, and 15k Formula, I never have to go outside of Empower Network for anything. If I want to learn more about SEO, I can simply log into my back office and navigate to the 15K Formula, click on Lesson 3 and get all the information I need. Initially, I didn’t have all the money it took to go ALL-EN in Empower Network but didn’t let that stop me. I upgraded as I got the funds in my bank account. Within 2 months I am already ALL-EN. If you are serious about your business and ready to start generating these 100% Commissions like me and my teammates, join my team so that I can guide you on the road to success. I look forward to working with you and having you on the Dream Team.facebook.com www.empowernetwork.com 1KPERDAY.FaleciaTucker.com
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  1. Falecia Tucker says:

    My pleasure? 🙂

  2. Phil Ruiz says:

    Hey Falecia, fellow EN’er. I just subscribed to your page, I would appreciate the return favor so we can rock this world. I Love Tracey Walker, I see you are on her team…awesome

    Great Vid by the way :)?

  3. Falecia Tucker says:

    Thanks? Tracey. I am very pleased to have you as my sponsor!

  4. Tracey Walker says:

    Great video Falecia!!! And anyone? who joins you will definitely be in good hands! It is a pleasure to be in business with a PRODUCER like you! Congrats on your leaderboard status too! You are killing it!

  5. Falecia Tucker says:

    Thanks Michelle! I wish you? great success on your team! 🙂

  6. Falecia Tucker says:

    Thanks? Brandon! 🙂

  7. Falecia Tucker says:

    Thanks Quaneshia! Glad you enjoyed? it 🙂

  8. mickey110257 says:

    Thank you Falecia for sharing your Empower Network? Intro I could not have explained it any better. Great job. I also subscribed to your channel. I’ll see you in San Diego. I am on the Supreme Team in EN, which stems from John Wells Mastery Team.

  9. BrandonHiltonBlog says:

    love it! keep it up? ~BK

  10. ZNZQUEEN says:

    Awesome video Falecia!!! U are? a superstar!!


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