Interview with Mari Smith, Queen of Facebook

Mari Smith sits down with Michael Stelzner to share some of her tips and techniques for using Facebook for business. More on social media marketing here: twitter.com
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  1. charlotteehoward says:

    Mari? and Mike you are the greatest. I appreciate all of the tips you are sharing.

  2. johnshaydon says:

    475,000,000 users now!? Great interview, Michael!

  3. damayanthiJ says:

    Thanks Mike and? Mari for this great tips..


  4. facebookmari says:

    Thanks for the fun video? interview, Mike!! So cool we were able to hang out for a yummy lunch in gorgeous sunny SoCali and talk shop. lol!!!

  5. dlwakeman says:

    Excellent overview and tips for using Facebook and especially the Events app. Thanks? for the interview Mike and Mari!

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