Internet Video Marketing – 5 Step Video Creation Strategy

www.ninavucetic.com Internet Video Marketing – get the blueprint for creating your online videos and get the best video marketing strategy in place. Using a strategy for your video marketing will save you time and get your online videos found easily. Get the simple 5 step strategy for planning and creating your video today. This internet video marketing strategy will reframe the way that you think about video marketing and delivers powerful results. The short version of the 5 step internet video marketing video creation strategy is: Step 1: Identify the biggest challenge and need that your viewer has Step 2: Establish YOUR Credibility and WHY they should listen to you Step 3: Match the biggest challenge that they have to the solutions and benefits that you are offering Step 4: Visualize your ideal viewer and speak directly to them Step 5: Include a Call to Action telling them exactly what you want them to do next — don’t forget this part! For more information about internet video marketing or to sign up for the free video training, visit www.ninavucetic.com


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  1. ReachYourPotential says:


    All I can bring myself to say is what an awesome video!

    Really enjoyed watching the excellent content

    Will be back again soon for more


  2. Ferrysmith says:

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  4. sretensd941 says:

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  5. winningdivorce says:

    Awesome tips as always Nina, thank you!
    You are right about focusing on the benefits to the viewer as opposed to just being self promotional. This always makes a big difference and? I am going to try it in my videos – once I get started with being in front of the camera!

  6. nvwebmedia says:

    Great tips? – is there a way to download these tips in a pdf?

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