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Internet Marketing News: 4-26-10 by: http://www.michaelrroberts.com/blog For more information on any of the stories in this video visit: http://www.michaelrr…


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  1. leaderofthepac says:

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  2. vuenet1 says:

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  3. alizanorrellfht says:

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  5. Chef Mike Maucher says:

    Google Buzz- with those numbers it will fade into the oblivion of spamarketing !?

  6. James Wedmore says:

    GREAT video man! ? Keep them comin’!

  7. Linda Ferguson says:

    Thank you Michael. ? Love the news digests you do.

  8. mustsellhouse says:

    Cool video and like the graphics,? also lots of good info in there for a short amount of time – like it!!

  9. Michael Haley says:

    OK, good stuff, but I got a question for you… How did you make the intro and background stuff? I like it and need some cool intro / outro for my videos. It really steps? up the game.

  10. gary martins says:

    google? buzz = friend feed

  11. orangeMedizin says:

    fantastic intro? and backround! How did you realize it?

  12. Nobby Kleinman says:

    Hey Michael, I would love? to know how you did the intro.
    I am looking to do the same sort of thing for a new launch.

  13. Miles Hennis says:

    I thing Google will continue to? monitor and improve Google Buzz. Even twitter now has a pretty high percentage of bot activity. Would api restrictions solve the problem?

  14. JetJungleOats says:

    Michael “Traffic Bug” Roberts, thanks for the news!

    Speaking of news, the latest news within Traffic Bug is 15 October 2009. A long time in? internet years. What’s going on?

  15. majorlyvideo says:

    Nice intro and? interesting news :0 Luv it 🙂

  16. productions345 says:

    Great News and? Nice Intro & Video…Love it:)

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