Internet Marketing’s #1 Myth Exposed – How To Find A Hot Niche or Product

www.TheInternetTimeMachine.com steps up to debunk the #1 myth in Internet Marketing. Take a sneak peak at one of our new optin videos to see how TheInternetTImeMachine.com will change the way you look for niches and hot products forever.


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  2. norbertcopper says:

    If you want real knowledge see this case study: bit.lyimgrind
    Get 47$ and buy monthly membership – guarantee? that you will learn everything you need from people who are actually doing this.
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  3. SeoFreeSoftware says:

    You obviously? know more than your piers about your business.

  4. InternetTimeMachine says:

    @BenMur777 You are welcome sir

  5. BenMur777 says:

    Thank you for posting this? video :

  6. getmeahead says:

    Nice Vid, Good Job. How cool is Youtube right? Stay connected and see you on? the next one!

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  11. InternetTimeMachine says:

    @DeadbeatMillionaireZ? Thanks!

  12. DeadbeatMillionaireZ says:

    Good info on finding? a niche.

  13. InternetTimeMachine says:

    They only pay 1 or 2% of the sale to affiliates so? it is VERY tough to make money that way..just not enough money back to you for a sale.

  14. launchjacking1 says:

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  17. gmakwa says:

    Interesting? Very Interesting. I will keep an eye on your profile

  18. InternetTimeMachine says:


  19. hireava says:

    I couldn’t agree more, with higher competitors, the lesser our chances to succeed. So we need to be extra wise on choosing our niche in order for our business to grow. By the way, this is a really cool video indeed, I have learned a? lot from you. Cheers!

  20. InternetTimeMachine says:

    Look where there is growing? demand and not much supply and you will be fine! Cheers

  21. jcash365 says:

    great content.

    basically he’s talking about high relevance/low competition.
    I’m developing my own specific discrete method of using keyword tools to pick the best keywords, not? just the ones everybody is fighting over or the ones at the very bottom(going against the grain).

    I’ve been researching the trends,techniques, and methodologies for over a year now.
    The next few months will be pretty fun for me, I believe.
    Can’t wait.

  22. InternetTimeMachine says:

    @learnit2earnit? Thanks!

  23. learnit2earnit says:

    Great info. I see people wanting to get into selling a? product on the internet but don’t have a clue as to which product to sell. And unfortunately they are bombarded by so called guru’s telling them their product will make them $millions within days. So I am glad to see videos like yours.

  24. InternetTimeMachine says:


  25. yieldway1 says:

    Great Video! Thanks for the info ;-)?

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