Internet Marketing Can Make Money For Your Business

Internet Marketing Can Make Money For Your Business

Article by Omri Shabath

The essence of any business enterprise is to fetch customers to buy its goods and services. Earlier, the marketplace where a business would set up shop was a defined geographical venue and potential customers were expected to stroll by, notice your attractive signage and walk in to buy. That?s what would make your cash register ring! Today, all that is ancient history and internet marketing advertising is a different ballgame altogether.

Why? It?s because the internet recognizes no geographical boundaries and operates worldwide. There are six billion human beings on earth and you can rest assured that countless millions from amongst this huge population have regular access to the internet. In other words, you have a ready made bank of potential customers whom you could tap only if you could.

Now that?s an If with a capital I. You don?t have to be Albert Einstein to realize that the task of tapping this enormous global yet intangible marketplace requires internet marketing advertising of the highest caliber. Just like in landlines marketing here too you have to work out a strategy replete with factors like catchy copy writing, online promotions and smart visual presentations. But your strategy can?t be humdrum. It must bubble and boil with new ideas. There?s no formula because no two businesses are the same, nevertheless here are some suggestions you could use.

Understand your customer

Whatever your product, whatever your service on offer, the guys out there in Africa are vastly different from those in Europe or in Asia. So who?s this nebulous character? It?s your job to find the common denominator that will make them run to your website to click that all-important purchase. Their social and cultural backgrounds vary, so do income and education levels and lifestyles, so your strategy has to be fine-tuned to encompass each of these variances.

Recognize your customers? needs

Be practical; be realistic. It?s true there are millions browsing your internet ?shop? but only those whose needs are satisfied will bite the bait and buy. These needs might drastically differ owing to cross cultural differences cited above. Shape your strategy to cater to well-focused targets.

How fat is your customer?s wallet?

Across continents, folks are rich and poor. If you?re selling private jets, focus only on wealthy guys. If you?re pushing best selling books, both rich and poor could be interested. There?s no end to this curious non-exclusivity of internet customers. Make sure your strategy doesn?t make the mistake of leaving out one for the other.

The customer is a wise guy

Forget the customer?s low IQ ? yours might be low too for all you know! ? and treat him like a king. Make him feel wise! Fill your internet marketing advertising with text, visuals, slug lines and offers that make him feel important. If a guy feels wise, the feel-good factor will persuade him to linger in your ?shop?. Great! You?ve won!

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