Interesting Discovery (Vick Strizheus)

www.globalsuccessclub.com Vick Strizheus shares a very interesting discovery about internet marketing and our community. MUST SEE! youtu.be
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  1. kvcy2009 says:

    Yo, if you are having challenges making money online then Google “Web Cash Invite”? asap. I have had outstanding success with it. Good luck !

  2. George Kirkopoulos says:

    Cheers? Vic

  3. DA Ballinger says:

    Thanks Vic send me the new suff ASAP …ebayda2000@yahoo.com and when will you reopen the? HTA?

  4. islndmn says:

    Aloha Vick I would really like to? get your videos and could I get a link to your HTA.
    chadprivateemail@gmail.com thank you Vick!!!

  5. jmanzanet says:

    Vic, yes, please send me your stuff. I want to? join your BIM and/or your HTA… Opted in and haven’t received anything. Please help.

    Thank you very much… jmanz@cox.net Believing in you!

  6. tjshoemaker says:


  7. tboyd87 says:

    Thanks? Vick, I’d appreciate more info-

  8. Luis Lopez says:

    Hi Vick I need your help? please step by step please llopez5121@hotmail.com

  9. Ramon DelVillar says:

    Hello Vick. My name Ramon I need your help step by? step please. 717 330 4344 Godchaser1975@hotmail.com

  10. igoyzigong says:


  11. Alan Brooks says:

    So true, Vick. So many of these? fake Guru’s want to train people like me to be another fake Guru. Sad situation.

  12. Gregory Oby says:

    Vick, you are right on all points. What? kills me is the greed of a small
    percentage can govern an entire market. Thanks for the information.

    obygregory39@Gmail.com is my e-mail

  13. Jim Jones says:

    The truth about Vick:

    google: “keloland Insurance Agent Sentenced On Grand Theft”?

  14. mjmb123 says:

    Thank you Vick. I really need someone who is? honest to teach me. I’m in the $0.
    My e-mail is marservb@gmail.com.

  15. Marva Zulay Castillo says:


    Can’t wait to see what you got, I am in the zero $ and less than 6 months and ready to go

  16. Jack Daniel says:

    Vick, thanks for sharing? this video! Awesome stuff! -Jaron

  17. Abdullah ARiyami says:

    Thanks Vick for the chairing the video

    I’m one of those how bilive that have your own good product is more important than traffic

    becouse if the prouduct in important to people it will? sell it self

    best to all of you…

  18. pamenow says:

    WOW, who knew??
    I have been trying to make money online for 4 years. All along, I’ve been thinking that I must be really stupid because everyone else seems to be making? money but me. So, I must say this makes me feel a little better.
    But I certainly am more than ready to make some money NOW!! (With your help.)
    It’s MY TURN 🙂

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