Installing Commission Junction Ads in WordPress

TheWatermarkGroup.org -How to install Commission Junction Advertising in WordPress. If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, this tutorial takes you step-by-step for monetizing your site with Commission Junction Ads.


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  1. NicoleSmusique says:

    You forgot to mention, not all themes at? wordpress can be added PLUGINS

  2. awindomingo says:

    @lsoslqs My account is going? mental with $1300 to $2400 per day. Finding the right niche is key… without that you’ve got nothing. Check out this course before he goes private
    ==> bit.ly/SkhccP?=znbggg

  3. dileepsingh says:

    very clear .superb

  4. Alex Lebron says:

    My blog doesnt say? plugins anywhere.

  5. alok kumar says:

    Sign with CJ, login , select any product, Get your affilaite link.
    Go to Eleavers.com sign as advertiser, compose ad to your affiliate link.

    Go to Miami enjoy the money.

    How ?

    With Eleavers.com you pay $1? for 1000 visitors, in which you get 10 sales, each sale commission about $20 so you get $200 for each $1 you spend.
    Spend $100 you end making ~ $20,000

  6. megawealth1 says:

    Great video John, just what I needed to find, you made it look so easy to both understand? and implement, many thanks, Trish

  7. thewatermarkgroup says:

    Awesome. If you have other video requests,? just let me know.


  8. andywarthol says:

    I am just getting started and this is? a great tutorial. Thank you!

  9. thewatermarkgroup says:

    is your blog at? wordpress-dot-com or is it a self-hosted (wordpress-dot-org) site?

  10. pinkandpurpleshoes2 says:

    I? still dont have plugins!….. >.<

  11. thewatermarkgroup says:

    Happy to help. Let me know if? you have other video requests.



  12. extraincomeforteachr says:

    Hey? John,
    Thanks for the video. I added it to my site for teachers.
    Thanks again,

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