Inside Today…

A look inside the studios of the BBC’s flagship current affairs Today radio programme.
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  1. JonathanRobinson says:

    Its not viral! I like how poeple say ‘we are making a viral video’. The audience decides if its viral after? its made!

  2. capricious71 says:

    I think that’s the joke… :)?

  3. LilyChristman0396 says:

    i’m drunk and horny and ready to? fuck. contact info is on the site in my profile- msg me asap!

    ps- i don’t care what you look like, i just want sex!

  4. PhantomAct says:

    why is this shit? under viral?

  5. ningmoss says:

    I know it was viral, if you had bothered to read all comments you would have realised that was aware of this ‘viral’ video.? Now who’s the muppet?

  6. xandergage says:

    stupid video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  7. george1510gd says:

    why the hell is there a make up? and costumes department for radio??

  8. Duffio says:

    ningmoss: it’s a joke you muppet, it was referenced on the Today programme at the process’s beginning and end – they were doing a piece about whether? viral marketing works.

  9. MrBeefmuncher says:

    The? Toady left-wing shitty program lol

  10. ningmoss says:

    i’ve? just read an article on the bbc website discussing whether this is viral or not. A sad attempt to push up the viewing figure, which are pretty poor. can the bbc just pull this now please, it does the Today programme no justice at all.

  11. audigex says:

    Oh dear, the BBC fail at viral advertising =S?

  12. luvdupraver says:

    I love it!!!?

  13. Stuart Poore says:

    Sorry, but some of those images will now haunt me as I wake up to the Today programme each morning. I? can never listen to Jim Naughtie again ! …. Never !

  14. rahsoft says:

    Did anyone realise that this was? an attempt to demostrate the viral ad concept ?

  15. busymumhahaha says:


  16. dickmarellan says:

    Pants? until the closing shots of the team (at 2.39).
    Esp Jim Naughtie.

  17. Hypergluco says:

    Yeah. You don’t understand what I’ve written do you? It wasn’t meant as? a personal attack on you, you pompous turkey. That was though.

  18. Hypergluco says:

    I assume anyone who thinks the humour in this vid is subtle is American. It’s not remotely subtle is it? If you need a frying pan wrapped round someone’s head? as your cue to laugh you should probably look at something else. It just isn’t funny. Typically BBC-twee – a bit cringeworthy. They’re good at cringeworthy.

  19. andyj0nes says:

    A laugh and a good example of? all the hype around viral marketing. Some people actually try to make money out of this! Well done R4!

  20. holtendbentworth says:

    Very good!?

  21. CompletelyNovel says:

    heard about this on the? radio this morning..nice work!

  22. BardsWorld says:

    Brilliant, and lovely seeing responses from? folks who have no idea what the Today program is!

    I’ll never be able to listen to James Naughtie in the same way again.

  23. blogward says:

    Yeah, OK BBC, we get it – you had a big hit with ‘The Office’. Now get over? it and start spending the money we have to pay you by law on programmes that aren’t plugs for yourself.

  24. sirgfunk says:

    Hang on….that was a comedy??

  25. bathroomdealer says:

    Personally I found this very good, however, it is unlikely to make the viewing figures they were hoping for mainly due to the fact the comedy in the video is very? subtle. That said however the Today programme is quite subtle, well, unless Humpy gets his teeth into someone, or you can discount Evans chest furniture and the silent GH in Jim’s surname!!

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