Indie Music Marketing: Struggling to Sell Your Music?

3 reasons why indie musicians struggle to sell their music-You need to watch this video if you are an indie musician and you are struggling to sell your music and promote your music Music Success Blog: www.musicsuccesscoach.com
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  1. kahstd says:

    very wise lady, keep up the good? work.

  2. AlexHamelMusic says:

    Really? well said!

  3. moonsugar1 says:

    I write a very broad range of styles and genres. Do you think I would make more money selling a certain style to a certain audience, or should I just put it all out there and try and sell to a wider one?

    Youtube for example, should I? create one channel with all the genres under different playlists, or just create different channels for the more popular styles?

    I dont care about breaking the industry and being an international icon, I just wanna pay the fricking bills and go out at the weekend!

  4. benonwax says:

    Great video, great to hear someone discussing the core issues rather then just “you need to be on this website… you need to press this button” etc etc?

  5. godcave says:

    am a young artist from? jamaica and it’s hard to get my music on the air, how can i get radio station to play my songs

  6. Dubplate Dionysus says:

    great? video!

  7. tftofficial says:

    THANK YOU very very well said! – thisflighttonight . com – i shared!?

  8. onlinemusicmarketing says:

    Thank? you for stopping by.

  9. onlinemusicmarketing says:

    Thank you!?

  10. onlinemusicmarketing says:

    Thank you, I appreciate you? leaving the comment.

  11. onlinemusicmarketing says:

    Thank you!?

  12. onlinemusicmarketing says:

    The biggest tip I can give you is to follow a step by step plan and to stay focused on what you want to achieve. Do not get distracted. Focus on one? thing at a time and when you find something that works, figure out how to increase your results and build a system around it. For indies who are doing it by themselves, the key is systems and getting help. Ask yourself: who can I get to help me with this? You might want to consider hiring a college intern for free. Just a suggestion! Hope it helps

  13. onlinemusicmarketing says:


  14. onlinemusicmarketing says:

    Thanks for stopping? by. Let me know your results

  15. onlinemusicmarketing says:

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  16. onlinemusicmarketing says:

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m glad this? video was helpful to you.

  17. onlinemusicmarketing says:

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  18. onlinemusicmarketing says:

    Thank you! ?

  19. sherryabach says:

    Very nicely done. Thanks.?

  20. estavanvict says:

    well said?

  21. MoonGhostMusic says:

    Great Stuff and to? the point..Thanks

  22. oplustv says:

    from a corporate point of view , you’ve done a good job . thanks?


    Thanks for sharing? your knowledge. Good Bless U.

  24. MrNebowik721 says:

    Thank you for the insight!! I? will use your instructions wisely.

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