If I Had to Start Over…

What I would focus on if I started today. Read my blog post blog.2createawebsite.com
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  1. ejobuaya says:

    I just stumbled across this (July 2012) looking for start up tips for adsense for my various websites, thank you? for sharing Lisa!

  2. chamberlainpi says:

    Another great video / screencast? / webcam editing software for Mac users = ScreenFlow. Does a lot of what you mentioned (dropping a background music track, transitions, adding captions / labels, graphics, even export to multiple formats [iPad, directly upload to YouTube]). Not too sure they have a version or equivalent for Windows, but I hear TechSmith makes pretty good & affordable editing products as well.

  3. notabott says:

    there free host, yea the? host can close your website and you cant do nothing (dont happen alot in my opinion), but if you have everything saved you can just enter another free host. O.o why paying?

    i do have a blogg because i dont have the time right now to creat a website (i will, with time)
    what do you think lisa? and the erst of you guys as well! xD : beapcspecialist(dot)blogspot(dot)pt/

  4. davehoosier605 says:

    Lisa your content is truly top of the line. You might be the all time best You Tuber. You do have personality and its so engaging, Thanks for the? videos.

  5. jse4730 says:

    You are so smart.? I really really appreciate you doing this, and appreciate how well you do it. #businesswomenforthewin

  6. jessicasjoys says:

    Lisa, I am new in this business and am getting ready to start my own blog site but I am doing what you said and that is developing my personal brand off-line before putting it all on line and using the free sites that are available to me first. This video was made a few years ago, is there? anything that you would add to this today since it is now close to 2012. Thanks so much.

  7. cheslick1 says:

    Wow! You are amazing, in the way with words and useful info. Just starting out in this? whole internet marketing thing and I’m a little intimidated, but I think I can do it! Especially with your help. Thanks

  8. lisa3876 says:

    lol this is an OLD video. I’m back at my? desk. 🙂

  9. jmas2312 says:

    Lisa, I liked the desk better. I am sure your fans are not simple mindless morons who would be? terribly distracted by your desk. I think the desk gives the feeling that I have stopped by to chat. A friendly personal setting. JMHO Hope to see the desk again soon. My multi-tasking brain needs more input. lol

  10. Brownsug66 says:

    I would not conform to what the audience say’s unless it effects your income!! I’m? just sayn

  11. enjoyvann says:

    thanks lisa, its me again?

  12. NBA2232 says:

    lol…u? always say something about golf

  13. ausar2379 says:

    how can I help? thugs?

  14. lisa3876 says:

    Thank you! Yes it’s one of my top earners. SiteSell? is a fabulous company!

  15. paulgem123 says:

    Lisa, do you recommend the site sell as a good affiliate program? I signed up? from your video link I hope you get credit. I love your videos.

  16. pbpbrewer says:

    I? have problems focusing on how hot she is, fuzz the backdrop…

  17. KevinMontgomery says:

    You are? awesome. I listen to and watch your videos alot……..great info. Well done. Kevin

  18. MrIanBass says:

    thanks for the share? lisa,

    great contents,



  19. OnlineBizCoach says:

    Very intersesting video


  20. fgbowen says:

    Again – you? are VERY compelling!
    ( :

  21. jbichotte says:

    lol she said doodoo video?

  22. Godsintention says:

    5? business days

  23. SaggiScorp says:

    Thank you, again. You are? wonderful!

  24. 2082og says:

    im starting a accont with? google adsense right now how do it take them to review and accept my website

  25. MyWeeklyIncome says:

    Love this? video!

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