How We Got Unbanned by Google Step-By-Step…

www.ppcrenegade.com If you are one of the unfortunate Pay-Per-Click advertisers that got kicked-off and BANNED from ever advertising on Google AdWords again… …surprisingly, there’s actually hope! On this 12-minute real-life case-study video above… you’ll get to see the exact process we used (documented step-by-step) on how we were able to beat the Google Slap, get a previously BANNED account unsuspended, and be able to advertise once again on Google with good standing. * No trying to setup up new accounts using different people’s names and credit cards. * We didn’t use any black-hat methods. * And it had nothing to do with trying to trick Google or manipulating their system. We got back on Google using the exact same name. With the exact same account. And the exact same credit card we’ve always used. Plus, we got all our strikes removed from our account and got a full pardon to advertise on AdWords with Google’s blessing. If you’d like to find out if your own Google AdWords PPC account can be reinstated by Google, contact us for a free consultation: 1-888-431-6668 Or, if you’d prefer… you can contact us on our a Google AdWords Certified Partner contact page here: adwords.google.com


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