How To Write HTML For Beginners – The Very Beginning

This video series will teach you how to code HTML, hypertext markup language, from start to finish! For beginners! Please visit: xamstudio.com http twitter.com Subscribe! Thanks!
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  1. jahkahjah says:

    does it turn blue? if i did it right?

  2. bizplan574 says:

    It’s? impossible to see what you’re typing, I need like a magnified glass or something.

  3. geewizer33 says:

    @MastaProduction sweet when i have time in the holidays i will? play with that

  4. MastaProduction says:

    @geewizer33 No problem! We all started somewhere? 🙂 It’s called Notepad++ 🙂 Just google it!! More web developing tutorials will be uploaded to our new channel, /helpingdevelop ! Thanks!

  5. geewizer33 says:

    what is that program you are doing it on?
    (im young? and don’t know the first thing about programming but i have to start somewhere =) )

  6. SmileStreetTutorials says:

    some one got a? sub coming there way 😉

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