How To Write HTML For Beginners – Images

This video series will teach you how to code HTML, hypertext markup language, from start to finish! For beginners! Please visit: xamstudio.com http twitter.com Subscribe! Thanks!
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  1. andraforlunch17 says:

    @MastaProduction i cant see u? can u send me a link

  2. MastaProduction says:

    @andraforlunch17 lol I just turned 15 xD I’m a little kid c: but add me? on facebook so we can work it out! 🙂 look up “Max Bailey” I’m wearing a blue mac miller shirt, make sure to tell me you’re from youtube!

  3. andraforlunch17 says:

    @MastaProduction what do u mean?
    i no that sounds stupid but im under 14

  4. MastaProduction says:

    @andraforlunch17 PM me and I’ll? be super happy to help <3 😀

  5. andraforlunch17 says:

    The? image is coming up as a failed file images and i have done the exact same code writing as u can u tell me how 2 fix it?

  6. MastaProduction says:

    @TheNStaRR101 thanks! 🙂 Please pm me with? video suggestions

  7. TheNStaRR101 says:

    @MastaProduction okay !?

  8. MastaProduction says:

    @SuperMouseProduction Please? contact me through PM, and I will troubleshoot your problem!

  9. SuperMouseProduction says:

    its? not working for me:(

  10. MastaProduction says:

    @TheNStaRR101 haha no problem! Maybe? a sub? 😉

  11. TheNStaRR101 says:

    @MastaProduction thx? dude i owe you !!!!

  12. MastaProduction says:

    @TheNStaRR101 of? course! Please go to xamstudio(.com) / background

  13. TheNStaRR101 says:

    is there a way to make an image your background ?????

  14. cemennaj says:

    It’s a pitty, you’re doing a great job.

  15. MastaProduction says:

    @cemennaj Yes sir, however I have been working very hard with a few companies lately and I suggest you checkout some? other HTML tutorials here on youtube, as I won’t be able to get it up soon :/ Sorry!

  16. cemennaj says:

    Will? it continue?

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