How To Setup a Facebook Fan Page and Custom URL

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  1. TOnySaDriu says:

    :d Look Muussic Tonny Ex – Po Lypi Drejtsi ? — > Youtube

  2. NillerTheKing1 says:

    lol.. “Become a fan”..? Good times..

  3. nidaraees1 says:

    please help me and like my facebook page ( fashionholic? ) for starting sigma giveaways

  4. saburius says:

    Facebook is the worst kind of application I have ever seen in my life. Follows absolutely no rules of logic or common sense. The fact these? people are so successful blows my mind. The fact that people think that Facebook is something special, …I don’t know man. The world is fucked up!

  5. saburius says:

    What’s? with the horrible background noise?

  6. digidingful says:

    Cool video.. very helpful.
    The more fans you get the? more money you can drive to your business..
    Get real fans,……………………bit.ly/revmpp………….really great.. 🙂

  7. vidausapdaila says:

    w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m /? a d d . p h p ?api_key=fdfd01c9df7d644a68a4e989ae861e44&pages=1&page=102938863123295

  8. Miles678Z says:

    Check out my Channel And? Like My Facebook Page

  9. canceroustears says:

    I didn’t see the Create a page for a business.
    All I see is create a page.

    It’s amazing to me how Facebook is so confusing and makes me want to just pull my hair out.
    It should NOT be hard at all to make a page, or even customize a page or profile.

    Things like that make me not even want to use Facebook.
    I’m close to? giving up.

  10. gariouscom says:

    Great video! Do you have a follow-up video for this??

  11. slapcompany says:

    It’s impossible for a company to get what it wants most if managers have to make? a choice between their own values and company priorities. slap Company

  12. umarabbask says:

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  13. stuie15 says:

    facebook.com/pages/Wat-does-sorell-n-gagey-have-in-comon-they-r-both-bogan-besides-gagebrook/218465134853937?created ? like this

  14. liftedzj says:

    For everyone that is looking to get those hard to obtain 1st “likes” or just want to shore up their total “likes” check out our new Facebook page at facebook.com/pages/Free-Likes-Increase/207813275930262

    We started Free “Likes” Increase to help others like ourselves boost those “likes” for pages just starting and looking to establish themselves.

    The TRUTH is that people judge? the legitimacy of a page based on how many others like it. A crowd draws attention right? Join us now!

  15. ThaManYeah says:

    i wonder a lot of people have websites on their like pages. you need to like them to see? the websites how do i do that for my page?

  16. FanPageBooster says:

    Got a Fan? Page? Check Us Out!
    .FanPageBooster.n e t

  17. jackies35 says:

    I would hope someone from Facebook would call or write me. They take so long and I don’t see any phone number for this social (well, non-social) site!

    I am going to wait a little longer to see? if the name is available!

  18. WebsiteMktgGuru says:

    @jackies35 Sometimes you? need to wait a few days – sometimes the name doesn’t become available again without speaking to a Facebook representative.

  19. WebsiteMktgGuru says:

    @chicodaguda? Yes, you need to click on the “Use Facebook As…” link near the top of your Facebook Page

  20. jackies35 says:

    @WebsiteMktgGuru I wanted to use my personal profile URL name on my fan page. Each time I tried to add the new user name for my fan page, it? stated that it is not available. How can that be??

    I already removed if from my profile. Can u help me? thanks!

  21. MrSmallbutt says:

    Hi My name is Chuck I saw your video about making a page off the gap page and all I see is? create a page then it goes to another page. It’s the same as your showing. Can you help me please?

    Chuck Delak (219) 628-4106

  22. MrSmallbutt says:

    Hi My name is Chuck I saw your video about making a page off the gap? page and all I see is create a page then it goes to another page. It’s the same as your showing. Can you help me please?

    Chuck Delak (219) 628-4106

  23. nazcarmaster says:

    lol? my name is James o.o xD

  24. yit2525 says:

    how? do i subscribe to my own page?

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