How To Post A Video Response On YouTube for more Traffic – 2011

www.DereckCelis.com – More tips like How To Post A Video Response On YouTube on my channel (and website) “Get your FREE Internet Marketing training *Videos*” How To Post A Video Response On YouTube for more traffic – video above! Creating a Video response to a highly trafficked video can give you more traffic to your Videos and website! This is leverage that is available to everybody with a Youtube account, so why not use it? For more tips and tricks, and free Internet Marketing Video Bootcamp, go visit Free-SFM-Bootcamp.com or my personal blog at http


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  1. jonwhyte92 says:

    What a ledge, not sure about Christina at the end though..?

  2. dereckcelis says:

    @qurr182, @143nickylove, @r3tard210, @perky002, @snowolf12345 – You’re welcome… let me know if you need other tips for Youtube in the future and I’ll see if I can help!
    Have a great day, Dereck 🙂

  3. dereckcelis says:

    @501Tman – That is strange! I’ve just tried it on other videos of mine just this minute and still works!! Have you tried other channels and other videos… it could be your channel somehow if you cannot see the words “create a video response” when you start typing a comment or click in the comment box! 🙂

  4. perky002 says:

    wow, that was realy helpful! thanx there 🙂

  5. snowolf12345 says:

    Thank you so much! 😀

  6. Galaxygamestorm says:

    Mines don’t show up 🙁

  7. illusionmagic19 says:

    How do u do it in the new UI? :/

  8. qurr182 says:

    Grait thx briljant !!!

  9. 501Tman says:

    hmmm that’s still strange. While I’m putting this commment now I still don’t see “create a video response” option & I know you can because I see these other vids. Any suggestions?

  10. 143nickylove says:

    thank you soo much i ant beleive i missed tht i guess i dont pay attention!!! 😛 lol

  11. r3tard210 says:

    Thank you

  12. WarNerveSDMF says:

    @dereckcelis – Thank you so much. It’s hard to find YouTubers who will actually help! You’re the rare person who went out of his way to reply back. Thank you again.

  13. dereckcelis says:

    @wardude440 – No worries, easily done! I couldn’t find it… then when I did, I was like… “Wow I have to make a video and spread the good word :-)”

  14. dereckcelis says:

    @501Tman – still is! Maybe the video is ‘not’ enabled for Video Reponses, that is down to the Youtube channel owner setting that permission! Or did you mean the ‘Friday’ video? As that was taken down… some dispute or something!! Dereck 🙂

  15. dereckcelis says:

    @WarNerveSDMF – Hi, you sure can! I assume you mean, can you have one video and use that as a response all over the place for lots of video responses? If so, yes you can! Same process as explained in this video!
    Dereck 🙂

  16. dereckcelis says:

    @xxmyanrawr – your welcome! Easy when you know how… now you know! Feel free to check out my other videos for other tips! Dereck 🙂

  17. dereckcelis says:

    @MrTgmars – Hi, when you upload videos you can change settings. It looks like the video you are trying to post a video response on might not be allowing Video responses! That’s why it wouldn’t show! Hope that helps. Dereck 🙂

  18. wardude440 says:

    OMG lol ty so much cant beilieve i missed that!

  19. MDotSerious says:

    @YOCARINHA thanks

  20. 501Tman says:

    It isn’t there anymore 0_0

  21. WarNerveSDMF says:

    Wait. Can you post a video response on more than one video? Like if I posted a video of mine called “Example”; could I post “Example” on several videos? plz reply

  22. WarNerveSDMF says:

    Thank youuuuu! 🙂

  23. xxmyanrawr says:

    i feel so slow after seeing this thx for helping

  24. MrTgmars says:

    For some reason, I cannot post a response. It does not give me the option, do you have any idea why this would be?

  25. iWuvLawl says:

    Thanks sm!

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