How To Make Your Videos Look More Professional – Like Apple Does!

RapidVideoBlogging.com Ever wonder how Apple create those amazing videos for their products? Those videos where they have that nice white as snow background and crystal clear quality image? Having videos like that displaying your products or simply just advertising your business can make a big difference for making your videos look more processional – just like Apple does it! Inside today’s video, I show you exactly how to make your videos look more professional using some very simple, and also affordable, equipment. Don’t forget to leave your question below and I’ll do my best to respond… Gideon Shalwick Download my FREE Rapid Video Blogging Report here RapidVideoBlogging.com


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  1. Jhonattan Bonilla says:

    Hey Gideon, can you share your? camera settings please.

    Thanks a lot man, great vid!

  2. Sirobin5 says:

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  3. monkeysantalach says:

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  4. blackpepperhoney says:

    Thanks? for sharing. I’ll be looking at your other videos!

  5. neilieboy2 says:

    Great Video. Thanks? for posting.

  6. TomorrowSorrowReview says:

    Hey guys sub to my channel? and i ll suscribe to yours in less than an hour!

  7. Tony Verner says:

    how do you get the text and graphics embedded in the video next to you??

  8. VipMss says:

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  11. NutzIsHere says:

    Nice vid if like gaming? plz come to my channel and maybe keep wacthing my content

  12. VideoSeoServices says:

    You rock? Gideon!

  13. Ann Brennan says:

    You are so awesome. I took this tip and though I didn’t do it exactly the same, I used the titles and the blank background and my videos are so? much better. I could just kiss you. Thanks Gideon.

  14. Dalibor Saula says:

    Canon 5D mk? 3 🙂 My one does a perfect job 🙂

  15. Amak Murua says:

    Hey Gideon, Where Did You Get Your Fluorescent Lights At? I See That You Have 3 Of Them Is There A Link That You Can Maybe Give Me To Buy Some Lights? Like The Ones That You Have.

  16. Thomas Stec says:

    Gideon, thank you, useful tips indeed, and may I ask if you are recording sound to external recorder? or to your camera?

  17. VEE BEE says:


  18. nvgogolj says:

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  19. MirrorlessCentral says:


    If you use any standard video camera (i.e. handy cam style camera) you should be able to record until your memory card is full or your battery runs out. If you want to use an interchangeable lens “DSLR” style camera,? then you can go with a Panasonic Lumix GH3, or save a few bucks and get it’s predecessor, the Lumix GH2.

  20. dmitri senda says:

    thanks for this but is there a way you could do this with the? Mac with just using a blue or white background showing up behind you in the video and avoid the screen and perhaps the lights ?

  21. Amak Murua says:

    hey gideon, do you know of any cameras that are able to record for about 30? minutes?

  22. spanishbutterfly23 says:

    How do you add little picture icons of your camera and laptop to the side of you like that?

  23. Daniel W says:

    I can’t make out where your accent is from, it sounds Australian but also South? African. Where do you come from ?

  24. Eyal Navon says:

    camera name please???

  25. TheUnderStars says:

    Oh and I’m just starting a channel. I’ll have more videos up once we get through setting up the studio, unfortunately it won’t be as good as the one in the above video but it will? do :). It would be greatly appreciated if you (the reader :D) would take the time to check out my channel and maybe even subscribe. Thanks in advance.

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