How to make Serious Money with your own Mobile Food Business (Concession Trailer Vending)

For more info about this course please visit: www.mediahowto.com. This is a preview of the Information package “How to make Serious Money with your own Mobile Food Business”, published by Mediahowto.com. This book + 2 DVD set is designed as a basic introduction for anyone who is interested in making money with a Concession Trailer, Food Truck, Booth or Cart. Learn how to sell food and drinks as a part time or as a full time job. The many tips and techniques were developed in a successful mobile BBQ restaurant and Catering operation and apply to various other food businesses as well. This course is presented by Bob Robertson, an expert with over 20 years of experience.


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  1. RATHAHONNI says:

    Good luck,but be aware that there are endless hoops to jump through.Nothing is ever as easy as it? seems.

  2. penns1001 says:

    im starting? a cotton candy stand this year and cant wait for summer
    to come.

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  4. lexiegrl147 says:

    description? bar

  5. damajoyi8 says:

    Check? out the site: intofoodtrucks. it rocks

  6. Jsspower says:

    great job…?

  7. BobDProperties says:

    To purchase this go to Amazon.com. Here is the ISBN: (enter into the? search site)
    ISBN-10: 0976921901
    ISBN-13: 978-0976921905

  8. 916rusik says:

    Where do we get? the info or even the DVD?

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