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prowebinarnow.com How To Make Money Online Quick How to Make Money Online Quick | Affiliate Marketing How-to | Home Business What is affiliate marketing and how does It work? Many people wonder, but never take the time to find out. Actually affiliate marketing has been around for some time. It just had a different name. Affiliate marketing is also known as referral marketing. Before the days of the internet, savvy marketers realized that a referred customer was much more likely to buy than someone just walking in off the street. Many of them worked on ways to incentivize their customers and associates to go get more referrals. Then along came the internet and turned the entire referral marketing idea on its ear. See, getting a referral fee, bonus, or even a gift every once in awhile wasn’t enough for people to try and turn referral marketing into a business by itself. And if they did, it took a lot of work. But when the internet came on the scene marketers realized that website owners had a lot of influence over people who visited their sites. Those website owners then began to mention products and services to their audience and their audience listened! So now, massive online infrastructures and programs have been engineered to facilitate this new business model. Places like commissionjunction.com, linkshare.com, and clickbank.com to mention just a few. Now there are some marketers who make millions of dollars just off of recommending products. So… How does this all


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  1. MyRedeemerLeaves says:

    Thank you for posting this video. I will check out the others videos to know more about the? basics and the step by step. many thanks for making these videos available

  2. Agustin Bruno says:

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  3. KJ HENNIGAN says:

    How can? you be so creative? It must be a gift. Please continue with your greatness.

  4. CJ Stevens says:

    Easy to follow,? thanks!

  5. Scott Ai says:

    Great Video!!? 😀

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