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  5. seotastic says:

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  6. Gugulethu Mokwebo says:

    I think he’s from South Africa!!?

  7. Asep Saprudin says:

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  8. mjsunnyiit says:

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  9. Dawson Wells says:

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  12. Thomas Sternburg says:

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  13. power max says:

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  15. the mask says:

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  17. chung luc Nguyen says:

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  21. Tân Phan ??c says:

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  22. Sonimnx1 says:

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  23. Xyber92 says:

    Where? are you from?

  24. paperport14 says:

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  25. ???????? ???????? says:

    You so totally rock? squirt! (Finding Nemo)

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