How to Make Money On Youtube!

This video hopefully helps you understand how to make money off of youtube. It explains what google adsense is and how it works. Facebook: GO LIKE IT! www.facebook.com Twitter: GO FOLLOW ME! www.twitter.com
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  4. Logan Salazar says:

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  6. billy bob says:

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    good video

  7. puppyaunty says:

    i tried signing up for google adsense but it said you need an website.i dont? have a website any info?

  8. Brolitz Litz says:

    good information you provide here however, you only covered a very small portion of the needed information that most people expect, the question is “how to make money in youtube” you mentioned allowing “AdSense” to place ad contents? in the channel. Could you provide additional information since this video is post last 2011, has there been any changes? ie; to make money the youtube channel need to be registered in AdSense? I would be very grateful if you do include this information.

  9. MissKeeyaShowBlog says:

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  14. rekal25 says:

    If i dont have a credit card can i? make money?

  15. TheZapRap says:

    i know right same thing happened to me but in the part where they say add the link of where your gonna show the ads you do this u either put the link of your most popular? video or your channels link in that part! 🙂

  16. constant Vercouden says:

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  20. Lambo SVT says:

    Hi i have no video’s .. but i monitzed my account… what should i do next. i tried? to make a adsense account but they say you have to monitise it directly from youtube … i really dont know what to do… i suscribed you and please suscribe me thank you

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  24. N Ali says:

    hi on my video manager it says my videos is monetized is? that linked with adsense

  25. dattaboy bro says:

    awesome! ill? try following what youve said to have a laugh try /watch?v=f30EOvcjeW8

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