How To Make An App – iPhone Dev Secrets – How To Make An iPhone, iPad or Android App

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  6. harvbennett says:

    I love how thorough this is and the and the way you go through step by step. Doesn’t look like anything has been left out. My? compliments.

  7. scottpolston99 says:

    I just wanted to say that I had a look at your website and you provide some very helpful information on this program there. This is totally something I could do. Doesn’t look too hard. I am going to give this a try. And….what a payoff if I? develop something that become a hit. Yes, I am pretty excited to get going with this.

  8. Jerome Lansing says:

    I have always wanted to develop game? apps for the ipad. But I am not a techie engineer type. I’m just creative. This looks like it walks you through everything so even I would be able to create cool apps. I am off to your website to learn more.

  9. jim3riz says:

    This looks very complete. You have really caught my interest. I know there is so much money to be made with developing apps and I have been? looking for a program that will help me learn how to do this.

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