How to make a YouTube video without a camera, using only your webcam

www.awakenedmarketer.com Today’s video will show you how to make your YouTube videos live without a camera or smart phone. All you have to have is a webcam above your computer screen and you can make an instant, cool looking video right into YouTube and publish it on the spot! —————————— video marketing, camera, Kodak Zi8, flipcam, internet marketing, online marketing, social media, how to make a youtube video, how to record a youtube video, webcam, network marketing, mlm, youtube, channel, marketer, blogger, blogging, blog, wordpress, content, post, article, tutorial, network marketing, create apple videos, apple video editing, video editing, video production, professional video production, pro video production, pro video editing, Gideon Shalwick, James Wedmore, Sheryl Mann, video marketing tips, online video marketing, youtube video tips


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  1. AwakenedMarketer says:

    Awesome, Kathy. Thanks so much? for your comment. 🙂

  2. TheChancey1875 says:

    how do u? show the computer screen and yourself on the webcam video

  3. Kathy Glassford says:

    Wow…exactly what I was looking for and done? so well. Thanks

  4. mootje142 says:

    it don’t work

  5. Felipe Victoria says:

    I think this was great because I’m really bad with computers and technology but watching your video makes it look simple.?

  6. jorge1235221 says:

    Give? her a thumbs up thank you

  7. vick Berlin says:

    thankyou this helped SO MUCH
    I made one a long time ago but I? COMPLETELY forgot how to make another youtube video 🙂

  8. DIYcrazyGal says:

    Do you know how? to edit the webcam video?

  9. 1SourceSEO says:

    The Video Marketing landscape is changing everyday. your video was on point and can help local businesses.?

  10. Parker Mcswain says:

    this video was good but i’m not? making them yet but thanks 🙂

  11. Anderson HERPDERP says:

    Great video.?

  12. s0medudeonline says:

    I didn’t think so….but thanks? I guess.

  13. KariffanySisters says:

    ok? that is also awsome

  14. KariffanySisters says:

    good? job

  15. KariffanySisters says:

    thanks i will try? it

  16. Quinn Leippolt says:

    Anyone tried the Monezilax System (search on google)? I’ve heard many extraordinary things about it and my mate earn a? ton of money with it.

  17. s0medudeonline says:

    Hello, so I’m good with computers but I’ve never had a webcam and I’m trying to help my dad record a video from youtube but over the phone. So I can’t see exactly what’s going on but he’s saying when he clicks record video from webcam a grayed out video screen comes up with a little record button at the bottom that doesn’t do anything when he clicks it. I haven’t found any similar issues online and he says that there are no? drop down menus for any kind of options. Any ideas?

  18. xX1shizuma1Xx says:

    but the thing is that when i go to record from webcam it never comes up! it dosnt say allow or searching for camera it just goes black and wont? let me click start recording! pleae help me

  19. mrcreeperfantasierha says:

    i cant i have no webcam but i need create a? video!

  20. marlow sudbeck says:

    i wana record? video games without a camera

  21. avocadoSHITZ says:

    I would subscribe? but Im on a phone

  22. TheHannie00 says:

    Can you help me? you are very good so i think you might help me. OK, here it is 😀 um, how do you pause in the middle of the video you are making. Like for example, you want to pause it and get some things you want . Then you come back and press the play button without people waiting? for you to get your things.

  23. MannaSuccess says:

    voicebar not going up means your mic is not working or plugged in or you don’t have a mic! Clicking preview and it taking a long time, it? does take time to ‘render’ on youtube. if it’s not working in a couple hours, there must be an incompatibility with your camera. That’s all I can think of. good luck.

  24. MannaSuccess says:

    What an awesome? comment, Gia! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Make sure you subscribe to my channel. Getting ready to put out more videos! :))

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