How To Install WordPress Using Fantastico

www.UndergroundTrainingLab.com. This video tutorial shows you how to install a wordpress blog easily using Fantatico. Consumer Notice This video may contain a paid affiliate link. You can get a copy of my Traffic Getting SEO Plugin 100% Free at www.UndergroundTrainingLab.com


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  1. jeffjohnsonvideos says:

    Thank god for fantastico and other simple installation scripts that come with hosting packages these days! Hope you? guys enjoy the videos, – Anthony Myers (Jeff Johnson’s Staff)

  2. olson5252 says:

    Thank you, everything? i needed to know!

  3. Astra110 says:

    great vid. THANKS!?

  4. howtoinstallwordpres says:

    Very detailed info.
    I guess today it’s more comfortable and quick and very? cheap to get your WordPress blog as pre-installed script with your domain name and hosting account literally in 10 minutes without a “headache” of creating databases, users and so on 🙂

  5. andersonbiz111 says:

    great video helped? me alot thanks

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