How To Install Google Analytics On WordPress

blogtrainingclassroom.com Visit Blog Training Classroom to gain access to more videos like this one on WordPress, blogging, SEO, and Internet marketing. A quick tutorial on how to install Google Analytics on your WordPress blog without the using a plugin.
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  1. johnhoff36 says:

    You? got it!

  2. cowboycampfiretales says:

    Thank you so much for this video ! It helped me a? BUNCH !

  3. babythatbody says:

    Thanks? you:) Very helpful..

  4. df5518 says:

    Really laid? back and non-hyper explanation. Thank you.

  5. marioorupcic says:

    Thanks, this really was helpful. I have set up my webmaster tools where you need to upload meta google gives you into header.php, so I did the same thing with this script not realizing it should go into Footer? area.. thanks!

  6. arnika84 says:

    Maybe this a good reason for changing the host. I have no idea how complicated it could be to host a blog by myself. I like that all the spam comments are cached and that? makes me feel safe.

  7. WpBlogHost says:

    Yeah if you’re hosting your blog on WordPress then you are stuck with what they have. In that case, you might? look for a plugin.

  8. arnika84 says:

    I can’t find the? Editor. I think it just because WordPress is hosting my blog. Is it right?

  9. kazuwiemau says:


  10. chryscanariona says:

    That was amazing and it worked perfectly!!! I CAN’T? THANK YOU ENOUGH!!! That was a greaaat tutorial!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  11. aliilhann says:

    Thank you!!!!

  12. ElementPhotographix says:

    Thank you very much! This helped me get GA setup on my wordpress site. I really appreciate this video, it was getting very annoying getting this to work.? Thanks again!


  13. ignativss says:

    The “editor” link under Appearance is not presente…? Where can I find it or enter the editor mode?

  14. WpBlogHost says:

    You got it!

  15. WpBlogHost says:

    I agree. No real reason? for a plugin other then the simplicity of maybe monitoring things from your dashboard.

  16. bendonahower says:

    This was helpful. I had to wade through a bunch of videos telling me to install a plugin… seriously? I had done? this before, so I knew it was a pretty easy cut and paste just wanted to make sure I was doing it right. No reason to install a plugin over this.

  17. LightningStrikeTech says:

    Thank YOU!?

  18. WpBlogHost says:

    Awesome.? You’re welcome.

  19. foodparadisetv says:

    Thank you!! I just used your video to set up? Google Analytics on my website!!

  20. WpBlogHost says:

    You’re welcome everyone. It’s my pleasure. Don’t forget? to sign up for my new YouTube channel which I’ll be updating much more frequently:

    YouTube – /johnhoff35

  21. MyTechMethods says:

    very? helpful video. thanks!

  22. threedogwrite says:

    Thanks, that was very helpful and it? worked!

  23. firlodge says:

    Thank You – I was tearing my hair? out!

  24. squashedmike says:

    Very helpful!! Thank you for making? this video :))

  25. HexadigmSystems says:

    Very nice. After hunting around all over the place trying to figure out how to do this without any plugins or having to FTP into my site, and knowing nothing about PHP, your video quickly showed me how to do? this. Great job!

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