How to have profitable conversations 3:Blogging for Business

We’ve heard a lot of business consultants in recent months saying that marketing is becoming less one sided. Yet businesses around the globe are seeing the rewards of conversations with their customers – and the top business advice says blogging is the way to do it. In this show we speak to a handful of the world’s top online conversation experts, including Penny Power founder of Ecademy, thought leadership strategist David Meerman Scott, blogging guru Shel Israel, Jeremy Wright CEO of b5media, Bryan Eisenberg co-founder of Future Now. Once you’ve seen this show, you’ll know how blogging can free up the channels for conversation, how that will get people more interested in what you do, and how that can translate directly into sales. Looking for more free tips and advice on how you could be making more sales? There are hundreds more shows to watch and post up on your own website or blog! See More – just visit www.yourBusinessChannel.com
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  1. TheGus251 says:

    nice vid, but i think people need more detail

    get a great free ebook? on business blogging here:

  2. TheGus251 says:

    Good vid, if people want more detail on how to be successful at business blogging then you can get a free ebook at writingblogs which covers a lot of the? same territory

  3. businessexpertsalli says:

    I agree with businesstvAndie, blogging is definitely going to become more popular in the? near future.

  4. businesstvAndie says:

    Blogging is the future of networking and marketing I reckon.? Besides it is fun and like
    BusinessExpertLouise said, its free.

  5. BusinessExpertLouise says:

    I love blogging. I think the best part for business is that people offer? there opinion for nothing! Must be good for all.

  6. businesstvkelsi says:

    Blogging is something really interesting and easy to do? once you get into it.

  7. yourBusinessChannel says:

    At last – some smart, straight to? the point talk about blogging.

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