How To Edit PLR Video

www.plrvideodirect.com How To Edit PLR Videos Basically there are 2 ways to profit from private label rights or PLR videos. Purchase & Resell PLR Videos. One way, and this is the way most people use, is to purchase the PLR videos and simply resell them. You… 1. Download your purchase 2. Upload them to your server 3. Edit or create a sales & thank you page for your clients to purchase and download from 4. Add the payment button to your sales page 5. Add the PLR Video zip file links from your server to the thank-you page 6. Upload your sales & download page to your server and begin your marketing campaign to drive traffic to your sales page. This is the ‘In-A-Nutshell’ version but it is a quick and simple way to profit from your purchase of PLR videos. The one major drawback to this method of profiting from plr videos, is that most people use this method and the only real way to compete with everyone else is on price. So the price war begins and it is not long before the price is in the toilet and people are reselling that series of videos for 5 bucks or less. PLR Video To New Video The other way to profit from your private label rights ( PLR ) videos is to edit or re-purpose them before you upload them to your server as mentioned in step 2 in the previous option. Disclaimer time… This method will require some effort on your part. Even if that effort comes in the form of you looking for someone you can outsource the ‘work’ to. If you are one of the bazillion people
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