How to create CD Labels for Free

Here is the template file we used in this video: topinternetexperts.com Here’s another video we made on How to Create CD Labels for Free. We use a great, Free service from Aviary.com. You do have to be a member but it’s free to join. There’s also a vector editor, music creator, screen capture, and much more. What we did was show you how to use Aviary and Discmakers.com’s CD template to create a .jpg file you can send to a printer or print yourself. The neat thing is it’s done all on the cloud, which means you can use this software anywhere you have an Internet connection. Aviary has already gotten me out of some tight situations and would make a great addition to your bag of Internet Marketing tools.
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  1. rnickvolpe says:

    how do you? print from here… my printer doesn’t pick up the format at all

  2. LONEWOLF13781 says:

    AWSOME!? hey can u make a DVD disc case

  3. pivitman101 says:

    Anyone know what stores sell transparent? stickers?

  4. TazzFLOWINC says:

    it is telling me it? cant accept zip files


    I? went to aviary.com and they dont seem to do cds anymore

  6. olacola15 says:

    13k views and? no dislikes, i’m impressed

  7. khainguyen98 says:


  8. BenMur777 says:

    Thank you for posting this video 😕

  9. WebbFree says:

    Does anyone know how to turn the pdf file into a? jpeg? That’s what kind of file I see the cd label ( photo) as ( pdf file). Downloaded it from Aviary website.

  10. skater82ben says:

    i didnt have to sign up and i already did two cds i wanted? to design

  11. MRTPALN says:


  12. infomarketingexperts says:

    Good job. CD is correct. This also works for DVDs?

  13. byeol69 says:


  14. infomarketingexperts says:

    Template link is located in the description box….finally!?

  15. infomarketingexperts says:

    It’s? in the description box

  16. Darknightn13 says:

    what the website to get? the disc size/the circle thingy

  17. AlextheGreat011 says:

    Windows? XP

  18. infomarketingexperts says:

    No, there’s no paper. We then send the graphic to a printer – like discmakers – or print in house on white discs. The white side? is the printable side and we use a special printer that prints discs. If you are serious about making product and think you’ll be doing this a lot, get the equipment. If not, use discmakers.

  19. flappers18 says:

    Pretty sweet dude! Keep it coming! Also is there some type of paper you have to have for this? Please? reply!

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