How to Create Animated Titles in Adobe Premiere Pro

www.JohnLandells.com – In this video, you’ll learn the simple steps that you need to take to create zooming titles directly inside Adobe Premiere Pro, without using any third party software or screen capture. You can watch the finished video that we created during this session at http
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  1. Ruben Canda says:

    I am trying to do one presentation with text,? but I want the text appear with delays (fist the main title, 2 seconds later, the main subtitle, few seconds later other subtitle,keeping the titles before. Do you have some ideas? thanks

  2. John Landells says:

    My intro is made in Adobe After Effects, based on a template that I bought from VideoHive. If you go? to my website and select the “Our Services” link from the “Links” menu on the right hand sidebar (you may need to scroll down) you can see an offer that I’m running to customise these intros for people.

    God bless,

  3. Junglerism says:

    Is this method You used to make Your intro? I like Your intro so much, simple &? awesome!

  4. splitscreenprod says:

    Also I will try the? keyframing, thanks!

  5. splitscreenprod says:

    Funny and sad at the same time that I came from AVID which? could do a title like this in no time flat. I guess I will have to reinstall it and use that for my titles. Do you know why Adobe seems so uninterested in titles and transistions?

  6. John Landells says:

    As for animating the titles, whilst roll and crawl are the only options within a title block, remember that? you can also animate the block as a whole using the keyframing techniques that I demonstrate in the video.


  7. John Landells says:

    You’re 100% correct with the Distort option! Premiere considers titles to be static, and we animate them? by applying an effect to the whole block. Sadly, there’s no option inside the title to animate any of the properties (at least in CS5). Even in After Effects, what you’re looking to do would be difficult without looking for expensive plugins.

  8. splitscreenprod says:

    A couple of questions. 1. Under text properties there is a distort option. Is there anyway to animate this distortion? I do not see a clock or anything like that. If there isn’t a way under title is there a way through effects that I am missing under transform? 2. Is there anyway? to animate the title other than roll or crawl. Premiere seems to powerful to be so woefully limited in that department. If there isn’t, would I have to manually animate through transform effect or positioning?

  9. John Landells says:

    That’s correct. I did this so that the scaling changed very smoothly. Strictly speaking, you should? be able to just do the easy out, but it seems to start that little bit more smoothly when I set them both.


  10. bren5209 says:

    At 10;14, you set? Scale both Ease In and Ease Out???

  11. John Landells says:

    You’re? welcome. 🙂

  12. SMILLEaWHILE says:

    Hey? John,
    Thank you very much 🙂

  13. John Landells says:


    The music is a track? called “49 Cent Blaze” from the album “Nu Skool” from Smartsound [dot] com.

    God bless,

  14. SMILLEaWHILE says:

    Hey I’m very interested in the song ,which is played in the beginning and the ending 🙂 It would be great,if you can tell me the? name of it 🙂

  15. John Landells says:

    You’re welcome!? 🙂

  16. aishiishaikh says:

    hey thanks :)?

  17. John Landells says:

    My overall project was 1280×720 and? the titles were 100pt.

  18. John Landells says:

    “Hey it’s John and I’m singing my song, ’bout editing videos? and what can go wrong!” 😉

  19. John Landells says:

    That’s one of the? drawbacks of Premiere Pro – at least in CS5 which is what I’m using. If you want any presets, you’ll need to animate your text using After Effects and either edit the whole video in there with the text, or export the text blocks back to PPro for your final composition.

  20. John Landells says:

    Yes – I added the audio track, then added? the markers to coincide with the beats, just as you thought. 🙂


  21. OnMyGrindENT says:

    did u put the markers in first with the audio then pu tthe text? seems like it? would be easier but i might be wrong

  22. 123567Efd says:

    What size? are your titles?

  23. SwitchB0ard says:

    the intro was so good. thought you? were gonna rap der. Hi its john here ………….

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