How to create a FREE blog / website tutorial (you will have a free website in 10mins)

Follow: www.twitter.com/#!/williamtribe Please like and favourite if helpful. In this video I show you how to create a free blog / website for free. I use a website creator called www.wordpress.com which is the best website creator and completely free. You can pay for certain features…
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  2. Petra Marevi? says:

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  3. freewindows5 says:

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  4. 8181gregg says:

    Thnx man it? help a lot ,

  5. jennawesomeful says:


  6. AllFreeDownloadz says:

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  7. TheSupremeGod666 says:

    cheers, for once someone not trying to sell me? something, good honest advice

  8. diepckings says:

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  9. alinasif says:

    and this? is completely free??

  10. MrMusic4free says:

    thanks, never thought making a website would be? so easy

  11. MrDeAdWaRdS23 says:

    thanks, i tried this it actually works, i am going to sell my piece of art? on here

  12. JiggyGinJoints says:

    is? this your new channel?

  13. Philip lara says:

    thanks, wordpress is the? best content management system

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