How to Create a Facebook Page

Facebook.com Learn how to create a Facebook fan page for marketing your chiropractic practice. For more useful tips and strategies in using Facebook in your online marketing, visit my blog at DCincome.com now. Continued success! – Matthew Loop DCincome.com PS – Read my published…
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    cheers bro

  3. SOWRONGVIDS says:

    lol? so true

  4. Noah Berry says:

    love you sound quality amazing for 2009? thank you sooo much

  5. Ahsan Thakur says:

    Thank you Matt?

  6. rajan singh says:

    sooooooooo gooooooooood? mr.loooooooop

  7. DudeFret says:

    myspace is dead.? It’s carcass feeds facebook.

  8. MaxTrapAdventures says:

    Do u have an update on? this?

  9. XxXxBarryPetersxXxX says:

    This Was Soo Helfful 😀 Thankss 🙂

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    good? job

  12. MiKeLiNo65 says:

    How i get a link to my facebook page ?

    The links look? like @[456783943:.]

  13. Vathana Tep says:

    Holy shit lol thank you!?

  14. FuNBoX Vids says:

    I’ve already created a page? in facebook .com/funnypunny

  15. honadacode says:

    lol when people hear video on a page haha

  16. The9christine says:

    i have a question i was? wondering what i can do if i want to start a babysitting page because it wont let me so far can u please explain?

  17. veepower21 says:

    Ps i subscribed:)

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    what a? magnificaiant fluencY dude…!!!

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    Like if you found this by thinking of the? stuppidest? question to look up on youtube

  21. xOxyG3N says:

    ahaha lube

  22. Pshtewan Omar says:

    to slow? any way thx

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    u? live in Ga aswell yay

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    Matthew Loop :)?

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