How To Become A Super Affiliate In 5 Easy Steps

www.UndergroundTrainingLab.com I was sharing with my clients the exact method I use to make a full time living as a Super Affiliate and how Im able to beat other affiliates in these launch contests even though they have lists that are 10 times bigger than mine. Consumer Notice This video may contain a paid affiliate link.


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  1. Jennellqi01 says:

    These steps of Jeff’s do work but he assumes that you already have a mailing list. To make money and get the funds paid directly inyo your? PayPal account, have a look at this goo.glv555i

  2. corporatethief says:

    i thought that that micro sites don’t work? any more that google only ranks pages due to user experience on your site

  3. 4rfans says:

    Nice Vid, may i know ? how much should I have a website to success? with affiliate?

  4. daveedo00004 says:

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  5. faheem334 says:

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  6. bugiej says:

    This is very hard.. ad-sence makes a decent living aswell:P?

  7. bewustwording says:

    Only 200 Affiliates welcome for the 2012? edition of
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  8. gti733 says:

    saforion.com? has some good affiliate programs i just signed up for 2

  9. shanna1950 says:

    @TheGJuleS – These are ALL email-address harvesters. They send the emails that bother me a LOT when I get them in my? email. They talk talk talk and they don’t help zilch. All autoresponder messages. scam!

  10. nooneknowsmynamenow says:

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  11. sitetrafficsite says:

    The video posts keeps you hooked up to the end. The colors of the site do? not stress the eyes thanks for such calming colors. The photos are related and help understand the ideas effortlessly.

  12. Detrucci says:

    I started doing this the other day, so far its going well…basically for everyone i refer? to sign up to the company i get £1 each month Also everyone my referal signs up and so on for about 5 levels down. it costs £10 per month but it adds up pretty quick so if i refer 1 person and they refer 5 people thats £6 if i refer £5 people and they refer 5 people thats £25 each month etc which is already in profit. it really is that simple. check it out at ww w.website.com/Detrucci/show for a free trial

  13. iluvhomebiz says:

    Love the video, Jeff….very informative. Internet and affiliate? marketing is one of the hardest ways to make money, but it also gives some of the best rewards, for those who have the ability to put all the pieces together 🙂

  14. Richestmenlist says:

    The Truth? Revealed..


  15. TheGJuleS says:

    For those thinking about doing this-listen this is not what it looks like, it takes a lot of hard work and commitment, so dont get sucked into these scams-do your research and take into? account all the training needed in order to make money. Oh and by the way these people make most of their money from people like you, not the martket, but people like you.

  16. johnsonflybye says:

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