How To Add Banner Ads To Your WordPress Blog

thewebtrainer.com So you want to make money with your blog? You want to cash in on this blog money making thing? Sounds like a great idea to me! But how do you pull this off? You don’t know what to advertise, where to get banners and links, or how to get them on your blog. What is an up and coming blogger to do?? By using the Max Banner Ads WordPress plugin, you can get ads running on your site in no time flat! Head on over to my blog and see more details on how to add this simple but powerful WordPress plugin!! thewebtrainer.com


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  1. Sujit Ghosh says:

    Thank you? for publishing the video. Great work!

  2. edhering1971 says:

    Very well done!? As your other fans have said here, you did an complete, thorough job of training “techno-phobes” (read: me) at ease and even succeed at adding banners to my WP blog…I will be back! Thanks again…

  3. MidasGoldKing says:

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for great tutorial..btw how to avoid plugins with malware code64 ,viruses? etc..?

  4. The23op says:

    PLZ REPLY i can’t? find a plug in option

  5. ericange100 says:

    very nice keep up the good? work- excellent!

  6. joearo310 says:

    Excellent content, well? presented, and easy to understand. Got me over a big hurdle.

  7. wartica says:

    I love when ED? HELMS does voice overs for tutorials.

  8. shipanna says:

    Amazing video, even for someone? like me, Russian girl understand nothing in wordpress! Thank you so-so-so much, you helped me a lot Rick!

  9. Dana Clark says:

    Thank you? SO much….finally a clear explanation. Excellent tutorial. Will def watch your others!!!

  10. abrightfutureahead says:

    That was great! The best I have seen. I was searching? and you explained everything and more! Thank you!

  11. Unknownsob says:

    What if nothing shows up when u press Max Banner? ads in tools…

  12. VRpaintball says:

    i have placed the plugin to my site, but when i have more then one ad placed it doesnt work the way i wanted it to. i will refresh the page and i will have 3 of the same ad banners.? this happens every time i reload the page. what can i do?

  13. jackiemul says:

    thought it was really good? new user at wordpress and alot
    of people like to hear themselves talk for a while before they do any instructions by that time I am bored but you were in and clearly demonstrated what to do in an easy step by step process. Thanks

  14. thewebtrainer says:

    Your very welcome! Hope you find the upcoming videos as helpful!?

  15. ilovefredreika says:

    Finally the mist clears… Thank you for a great video. I was so confused as a new WordPress user. The clarity is unusual. THANK YOU THANK YOU? THANK YOU!!!

  16. thewebtrainer says:

    Thanks for the comment deleyton. The”Powered by is somewhat of a downer, but for free, they deserve the credit. 😉 I will be doing another video on some more advanced? plugins the first part of January, so stay tuned!

    Take care!

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