Grow your email list WITHOUT a website!

www.SilentJim.com presents How to grow your email list without a website, without any technical skills, and with only a tiny annual investment to manage it all. Part II: Deliver a file (ebook, report, video link etc. to each new subscriber automatically WITHOUT any technical skills and without a website needed!) link: www.youtube.com References: jimcockrum.aweber.com Aweber blog article www.aweber.com


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  1. Luther Wood says:

    Thanks Jim,

    After over two years of research I have Finally learned a way to begin building a list without? having a list or spending a lot of money. Aweber, here I come.

  2. Lisa Williams says:

    jim I give you 5 stars for making this easier to understand I will use Aweber in the future. Thanks for sharing and not being greedy. It appears there is more than? enough money in this internet business for anyone who applys the principles you are teaching .

  3. firecube202 says:

    Have you heard about Certor Cash Code? (look for it on google)? It is a quick way for you to earn more cash fast.

  4. pxy24x28 says:

    Very cool and informative,? thanks a million. you have enabled me to save a lot of headaches

  5. paulosantosunlimited says:

    Excellent information, thanks for sharing? this.?

  6. Jonbass777 says:

    Hey Jim, THANKS for the informative vids. They are greatly appreciated. Great style of delivery? also [easy to follow]. Thanks again—subscribed

  7. barry james says:

    great info thanks jim?

  8. subin sunar says:

    Hi there,? Anyone heard of the Rapid Cash Fortune? (do a Google Search) Ive listened to many fantastic stuff about it and my colleague made plenty of money with it!

  9. Andres Salas says:

    Jim, I found this amazing, but got lost in one thing, do I have to suscribe and get a domain in go daddy .com or aweber, I got lost since the beginning and really this area I consider myself a newbie, but for my home business I may need this. Thanks again,? I suscribe to your newsletter.

  10. BargainDaze says:

    Your? hosted web form information is just great. I’ve been with aWeber for over a year, and they did not mention it anywhere. Only people in the know would be able to use/share this. Thanks!

  11. Rudy Russell says:

    thank you jim fir? your info

  12. Social Media Coordinators says:

    Jim your? info is always GREAT. Thanks

  13. Sanija khan says:

    this is great info i never knew this can be done? without having any technical skills.

  14. jasoncudbill says:

    these one page wonders are rarely going to appear on the? first page of google so other means of traffic are needed..

  15. James Rabar says:

    Jim, I love the way you do business! I’m also reading your book and I find it tremendously helpful. If anyone needs ideas on how to grow your business? check out Free Marketing, 101 low cost and no cost ways to grow your business to grow your business online and off!

  16. zorro3511 says:

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    Thumbs up If it helped.

  17. lionking78o says:

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    Thumbs up If it helped.

  18. john volta says:


  19. silentjimdotcom says:

    Thanks? Patrick – I appreciate the feedback.

  20. Patrick Lynch says:

    Jim,? I love your info! It is always relevant, and so easy! I find myself going back and watching other videos of yours in my spare time, just to refresh my memory. Thanks again!

  21. Judy Mackenzie says:

    great? video Jim. keep them coming.

  22. Shaun Ling says:

    Awesome Jim! I have been following you since? 2008 when I first started Internet marketing. Didn’t know we can do that with our autoresponders. This is really an eye opening experience for some of us! Anyway, I think aweber got much nice templates than getresponse.

  23. darlenemarie39 says:

    Thanks Jim! I’m an Aweber client, and I have totally forgotten about this great service that they? provide.

  24. preston152 says:

    Go Daddy and Aweber should watch your videos Jim…I asked their support people the same questions that you answer here and? they seemed to be dumbfounded and they were seemingly pretty sharp people.
    Tip of the hat to you sir.

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