Flip Video Tips: Flip Video Tricks & Tips

http://twitter.com/flip_video_tips Using your Flip video camera. Some cool Flip video tips, tricks, techniques, and strategies. Get more from your flip camer…
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  1. EarblastTV says:

    To bad they stoped selling? em :/

  2. SparkleTheStylist says:

    You’re? some sort of inspirational techie angel 🙂 I love your spirit.Thanks for sharing!

  3. Spookykind says:

    @script2video Thanks for demonstrations on the Flip Video Camera, I’m still not entirely sure which Flip video Camera I should get, I’d like to use it for Family vids and for videoing some? Rock concerts

    Fantastic advice that you’ve given as well ! thanks !

  4. TheAlissLynn says:

    Could you tell me if this was? shot with a flip?

  5. SpazemStudios says:

    does it have to be? a mino hd?

  6. r3tkd2 says:

    ` 6:40′ is the best value of this video. Great message, especially for your? young subscribers. Thanks.

  7. script2video says:

    LOL,? sure if you want!

  8. script2video says:

    I assume you meant audio. To mute the audio? you need to bring the video in to any videoi editing software and simply remove the audio track. It’s easy.

  9. abe134 says:

    I’v got the original flip video for christmas and with it I got a “gorillapod”. Now this thing is one of the most handle tripods I’v ever used simply because of its adaptability. Its three 9-joint legs can twist around almost anything (my arm, door frame for example). This thing also comes in bigger sizes for heavier cameras, so anyone can use a gorillapod real. I’m 15 and if I? can get movie style camera angles, so can you.

  10. iPodzReviewer says:

    how do you? mute the video?

  11. myconfusion says:

    Is there anyway I can send you money? for watching this?

  12. BSHANIMEDIA says:

    very good? videos i am pissed that i bought the rca hd ez209 handheld and it not even close, to your quality and sound, thank you for the great videos

  13. Willie Plasencia says:

    I m from Florida…digging all the? snow shots.

    Pretty interesting stuff you are showing.

    Willie Plasencia

  14. sarahjclark3 says:

    Gotta love those? flip cams!

  15. tommytrc says:

    What software do? you use to edit your videos?

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