Five Reasons Why Internet Marketers Should Blog

Five Reasons Why Internet Marketers Should Blog

Article by Nathalie Fiset

Do you know why most, or if not, all internet marketers blog? Perhaps you may be wondering why they need to blog everything concerning their products and/or services they sell and offer. Up to this day, most internet marketing businessmen rely on blogging to increase their online income. With blogging, the more you learn everything about it, the more reason why you stick to it. In fact, here are five reasons why internet marketers should have the need to blog:

1. Search engine spiders can locate and index your website instantly

Every time you post an article on your blog, it gets spidered right away. Savvy marketers know that when they add their feeds and blogs to their blog reading tools such as My Yahoo, a Yahoo spider is brought to their site at once. A reason why this thing happens is because they generate a feed. Many blogs of professional internet marketers automatically notify (or in blogging term, it’s called “ping”) the biggest websites which hold these feeds and they make them accessible by syndication. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo spider their sites several times in one day. Google’s Blogger, for example, notifies Weblogs the moment you post a new article in your blog. Immediately after that, your ping will alert all the other big feed sites that you have just added another post. However, for starters who just created their site, they’ll still have trouble getting their posts to be indexed. Adding an RSS feed will somehow do the trick.

2. Blogs create backlinks easily

If you have an experience in attempting to receive reciprocal links to your website, you would know that it was considered to be the most time-consuming and frustrating thing you have done in your life. If you are still on the early stages of blogging, you should be able to submit it to a lot of feed directories and to a big blog. Once these feed directories receive your blog, you’ll notice that your backlinks keep on increasing. RSS feed is so far the most reliable feed in keeping websites spidered repeatedly.

3. A Blog updated on regular basis will ensure that search engine spiders visit your website frequently

You may have already been aware of the fact that all search engines prefer to spider sites which update on regular basis. If you set up your blog properly, every post you make enables several pages to be updated. After pinging your blog and feed directories, search engine spiders will be indexing your blog within a few hours.

4. A blog is more appealing to visitors

Since a blog allows you to update your site on regularly, you have the advantage that visitors will continue to visit your site, assuming they are very interested in what you post. Some people who are regular visitors may even bookmark your site, and this would mean more traffic and more profits for you. A blog also allows you to add your face. That way, people who wish to buy any of your products or avail of a service you offer will trust you. Prospective customers usually trust marketers more if they know their buyer’s appearance and other personal details such as address, telephone number, etc. A blog which is nice to look at and contains well-written articles is an excellent way to build a long-lasting relationship with your readers and customers.

5. A blog is considered to be the easiest and fastest way to create a new website without going to any training activities

Blogs are very easy to create. Even someone who hasn’t any experience in web-building can accomplish creating his/her own blog in a matter of minutes. Blogger, for instance, is a very user-friendly publishing tool which provides all its bloggers with almost all the things they need in blogging. One does not have to be knowledgeable about HTML to blog nor does he/she need to know what FTP means. Moreover, one does not have to be well-informed on the process of how to link all the pages in a website. More importantly, a blog is easily spotted by search engine spiders. To internet marketers, this is a very useful factor in blogging.

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