Fingertip Compressions to the Palm – Chair Massage Techniques with Eric Brown

www.chairmassagetraining.com httpLet’s talk about you and how you will benefit from one of the most innovative and practical courses you will find for learning how to do massage as a part-time or full-time career (or even just for fun). And at a fraction of the cost of traditional massage training, anyone can do it. I’ve done thousands of massages over the last decade. From personal experience I can say that it is immensely satisfying to see people almost instantly transformed by your massage. They come to you frazzled, tensed and stressed out. Within minutes they are blissfully relaxed — silly putty in your hands. They love it! And they love you for giving them that gift. Seeing that tremendous appreciation has to be one of the most fulfilling and gratifying experiences you can imagine. Now with Relax to the Max you can easily have the skills that will provide you with this soul-satisfying career. Of course, if personal fulfillment isn’t enough to interest you, consider the income potential. You can create a multimillion-dollar franchise or you can work a couple of half days per week and make over 0. Anything’s possible. What makes Relax to the Max training so unique? It is the only entry-level massage program in North America that specializes in Chair Massage. Chair Massage has become wildly popular in the USA over the past decade and now we’re bringing it to Canada. As you’ll soon discover, it was specifically created to appeal to everyone — from construction

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