EBook Publisher with $1M Sales: 2 Parts to Prosperity | Self Publishing Ebooks

Ebook Publisher with M in Sales talks about 2 Parts to Prosperity. For more information on self publishing ebooks go to WriteABestSellingEBook.com — there’s a resource blog, also check out the author’s book “Write A Best Selling EBook,” a self published classic on how to write, publish, sell and market ebooks–including this successful author’s marketing “secret sauce.” Video URL: www.youtube.com


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  1. GoodWillCandy says:

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  2. GuanTao Huang says:

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  4. angelicrealtor says:

    Aloha to you!!! My husband was the lead singer for Nueve Vida for 22 years there on the Island of Oahu until we got married 5 years ago. I’m a licensed Realtor who has specialized in saving property owners in distress from foreclosure for 15+ years now. I didn’t just start when the market creashed just after? I got married. That is the subject matter that I plan on writing my ebook. I pray that you have much more success and I enjoyed your video. Much mahalo for the information. Peace & blessings

  5. creativedesigner101 says:

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  15. thewheelerdealer says:

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  16. ddhon33 says:

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  17. Kenneth Clark says:

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  18. omega3677 says:

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  19. Suzanne Frenette says:

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