eBay Video 26 of 34: The Shipping Process

www.auctionexecutive.com shares some tips here on shipping your product, including creating and printing a shipping label from online. This series of 34 videos shows www.auctionexecutive.com (recipient of the first ever eBay Entrepreneur Of The Year award) selling in real time on eBay….
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  1. Alipio Jr Calunod says:

    can you show the video for shiping to different addres? for? example i purchase the item on the seller in ebay but i need to ship it to different reciepent and addres can you help me my friend?

  2. services011 says:

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  3. JimmyMerc89 says:

    Headache!! O_o???

  4. renj3000 says:

    would it be a problem if I? dont have a laser jet printer.

  5. mrkooljony says:

    can i print a label for free and just tape it on the package?

  6. EvelynLyricsHere says:

    How about if I want to sell a collectible gift card? How do? I ship it?
    Witha regular 40 something cent stamp? And would it mail anywhere in the u.s with one stamp? Thanks. Baskically how do IO sell one?

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