DermTV – What Are Cosmeceuticals [DermTV.com Epi #373]

In skincare marketing today, you’ve heard the terms, “cosmeceutical”. But do you know what it really means? Most people don’t. So in this episode of DermTV, Dr. Schultz explains what cosmeceuticals means. DermTV.com Connect with DermTV www.facebook.com www.twitter.com [TRANSCRIPT] Cosmeceuticals is a relatively new term. It’s an engaging name that sounds both cosmetic and medical at the same time… and that’s exactly what these products are supposed to be. Clearly, cosmeceuticals is the combination of the words “cosmetics” and “pharmaceuticals,” and in the universe of pharmaceuticals, we’re actually referring to “drugs,” so let’s first understand what these terms mean to best understand cosmeceuticals. Cosmetics are defined as topicals used to make the appearance of your skin look better… the key word being “appearance.” So, they help the appearance but don’t actually change the function or structure of your skin… That’s what drugs do. Drugs are defined as products that affect the structure or function of the human body with the intention to cure, mitigate, treat or prevent disease. The FDA is the government organization that created these definitions and that is also in charge of oversight. By reviewing the ingredients in the products and the claims made by the manufacturer as to what the product can do, the FDA determines whether a skincare product is a cosmetic or a drug. And if it’s a drug, it needs to go through rigorous and costly testing to both ensure it’s
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  1. superpromiise says:

    ” how i can remove my stretch marks, which? i had them after pregnancy before 2 years ago
    .white onces”..thanks

  2. immandrew says:

    this is most likely an esthetician? who has worked in skin & specialised in skin.

  3. miissczy says:

    i want u to be my grandfather! u are soo? cute!

  4. emopigscanfly says:

    Ahh? want to be a cosmetic dermatologist so bad.

  5. leekymkween says:

    Hi Dr Schultz, what are your thoughts on Skin Care Specialist clinics?? I? was watching a lady (not a dermatologist or doctor — i was watching videos on a channel called cosmoskincare) on youtube record her process of pimple extraction using lasers, vacuums and a metal, looped pimple extracting utensil to force out pimples on the client. They call themselves experts but i feel that they are scamming people and can essentially make their clients’ skin worse.

  6. thatsitable1 says:

    Thanks Doc. So great? you do these for us!!

  7. 1LeiaPrincess says:

    Hey doctor, i’m sorry my question is not relevant to the subject, but i’ve never heard of a definitive answer to this: I’m young(24) and i don’t have wrinkles? around my eyes yet! But of course i really want to prevent them.Would you recommend using an anti-wrinkle eye cream to prevent them or could this have negative results?

  8. oOpsychochickOo says:

    New skin care line?!? Woohoo!

  9. J3NNIF3R87 says:

    Anyone looking to have a question answered should direct it to dermtvdotcom/questions You are more apt? to receive a response this way

  10. J3NNIF3R87 says:

    Dr. Schultz stated, “…In order to avoid shampoo failure, occassionally you need to use a different shampoo; approximately every week or every other week.”
    You should not need to alternate between more? than two different products, so I would recommend simply keeping two (or more if you choose) types of shampoo around and rotating them on a weekly basis. Hope that helps answer your question!

  11. cgkitti says:

    I think he said once a week or every two? weeks. 🙂

  12. josiewosieposie says:

    Hi Dr,? in your last video, you said we have to switch up shampoos to preserve their efficacy. Does this mean I should switch shampoos everyday, every week or simply when the bottle finishes?

  13. satirida says:

    Good to? know.

  14. makeupfreak81 says:

    Good job? 🙂

  15. Yumistation says:

    Nice!? 😀

  16. Basma H says:

    Hello,? are there any cosmeceutical brands you think work well? Thank you

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