Decapitation for Glute Medius Activation? The Top 3 Gluteus Medius Activation Exercises

The posterior fibers of gluteus medius are weak in most people that I see. Here are the exercises that give you the best activation for Gmed! more on my blog at ericbeard.com or http


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  1. blackdiamondfit says:

    Very well explained, thanks for the effort!?

  2. bloejogs says:

    great exercise. though i can only get? to about 15 degrees, really weak…. :S

  3. lalithadithya sankidi says:

    doesnt it? strengthen the Quads i want my Gluteus workout in isolation

  4. latocona says:

    i’ve done that and the pain is so? intense i have to take a pain killer

  5. looker768 says:

    Thank you!!! And you’re cute? too

  6. MrBuccaBoy says:

    nicely? explained

  7. msjennaclarke says:

    LUVZ it? !!!

  8. thebbk says:

    You are able to get almost 45 degrees? – I am not close, maybe 30 degrees. What would prevent you from having more range of motion? Tight psoas?

  9. jpnorth123 says:

    nice dude.? good explanation

  10. Jahkillian says:

    Should there be a clicking snapping feeling in the hip when? doing this exercise?

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